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Top 17 Coolest Emerging Tech Trends

From blockchain to bots, these emerging technologies are changing how state and local governments work and how their citizens live.

StateScoop Staff
StateScoop Staff
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State and local government are in a mode of constant improvement — modernizing, iterating and searching for breakthroughs that will help agencies accomplish their core missions. Emerging technologies are the tools that promise to help them do it better.

StateScoop talked to technology leaders across state and local government to find new trends, and looked at some examples of states, cities or counties taking the lead on new, emerging technologies. A look at how these technologies are assisting government today provides insight into how they might transform the future.

As noted by Hardik Bhatt in this month’s Q&A, government’s interest in monitoring emerging technology rests not only in understanding how to regulate the space but also finding where and how to reap rewards.

Whether it's Chicago’s Array of Things project, North Carolina’s chatbots or an effort in San Diego to manage cybersecurity through the lens of the city’s Internet of Things devices, governments are plying new data practices and technologies against their toughest challenges, discovering new insights, streamlining operations and ultimately improving the lives of their citizens.

Here are 17 cool emerging tech trends in state and local government. The list isn't meant to be definitive — it's a starting point for discussion and exploration as the public sector tests new approaches to solving old problems:

Top 17 Coolest Emerging Tech Trends

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