New York

State IT officials say they're getting 'fair share' of relief funds

by • 2 weeks ago

Equipping remote workforces, improving network security and expanding broadband are among the top uses of the funding so far.

Judge tosses lawsuit over New York school district's facial-recognition plan

by • 3 weeks ago

A judge ruled that a December 2020 law suspending the use of facial recognition in schools rendered moot a case seeking stop a Buffalo-area district from using the controversial surveillance tech.

Cyber VC forms advisory group aimed at state and local markets

by • 1 month ago

NightDragon, a Silicon Valley fund with past investments in the likes of FireEye, has recruited advisers in major state capitals to help its portfolio companies.

New York City launches its own vaccine proof app

by • 2 months ago

The app launched as Mayor Bill de Blasio said that proof of vaccination against COVID-19 will be required to enter public venues like restaurants.

Pandemic spurred collaboration, more data use, LA and N.Y. officials say

by • 4 months ago

New York State CTO Rajiv Rao said the pandemic was challenging for IT operations, but "teams rallied, they figured it out and managed to get it under control.”

New York State Police begin body-worn camera program

by • 6 months ago

New York State Police are currently being outfitted with body-worn cameras that begin filming automatically upon the draw of a gun or stun device.

New York is expanding its mobile vaccine passport

by • 6 months ago

An app that allows people to display their COVID-19 vaccination status will go statewide after a trial run in New York City, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

New York is piloting a mobile COVID-19 vaccine passport

by • 7 months ago

Following trial runs at NHL and NBA games, New Yorkers will gain access to an IBM-based digital wallet that proves they've been vaccinated against COVID-19.

How GIS helps state governments share, drive efficiency

by • 7 months ago

Through the inherent visualization present in geospatial data, the use of GIS in state government decision-making is crucial for better services.