New York

Pandemic kindled 'newfound interest' in government's IT modernization project

by • 5 days ago

Google executive Todd Schroeder said recent successes rapidly upgrading legacy systems in state and local government will have a lasting effect on the mindsets of IT leaders.

Pandemic's budget shortfalls push states toward automation

by • 4 weeks ago

As chief information officers anticipate working with smaller budgets and smaller teams, automating processes, they say, appears increasingly necessary.

New York State shares lessons from COVID-19 tech 'SWAT teams'

by • 1 month ago

The state Office of Information Technology Services published a "playbook" based on the rapid projects it had to undertake during the worst of the pandemic.

New York City asks ISPs, technology companies to help close digital divide

by • 1 month ago

The city is asking internet carriers and other groups for ideas on how to bring broadband service to the 46 percent households in poverty that lack access.

States' rushed IT upgrades spark data leaks, transparency concerns

by • 2 months ago

The pandemic is forcing states to accelerate upgrades to critical IT systems, which in turn is compromising personal data and upending normal procurement steps.

State unemployment systems are still struggling

by • 2 months ago

Governors continue to apologize for computer systems that continue to have new problems as the pandemic wears on.

New York IT 'SWAT teams' deploy coronavirus screening tools

by • 3 months ago

New mobile apps designed with Microsoft and Apple are to help people determine whether they need screening for COVID-19.

Google, New York build new unemployment website to handle claims surge

by • 3 months ago

As record numbers are killed by the virus in New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo attempts to keep the state's computer systems — and the economy — running.

New York State launches digital services office

by • 4 months ago

The New York State Digital Service will recruit cohorts of mid-career professionals in 18-month tours to improve government's digital services.