New York

New York State Police begin body-worn camera program

by • 2 weeks ago

New York State Police are currently being outfitted with body-worn cameras that begin filming automatically upon the draw of a gun or stun device.

New York is expanding its mobile vaccine passport

by • 2 weeks ago

An app that allows people to display their COVID-19 vaccination status will go statewide after a trial run in New York City, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

New York is piloting a mobile COVID-19 vaccine passport

by • 1 month ago

Following trial runs at NHL and NBA games, New Yorkers will gain access to an IBM-based digital wallet that proves they've been vaccinated against COVID-19.

How GIS helps state governments share, drive efficiency

by • 2 months ago

Through the inherent visualization present in geospatial data, the use of GIS in state government decision-making is crucial for better services.

New York funds Wi-Fi, mobile devices for domestic violence groups

by • 2 months ago

The state announced $1.5 million in federal funding to help 89 organizations throughout the state improve their digital services.

Former U.S. Virgin Islands CIO is New York State's new IT chief

by • 4 months ago

Angelo "Tony" Riddick steps in for Jeremy Goldberg, an adviser to Gov. Andrew Cuomo who served as interim CIO for more than a year.

COVID-19 made geospatial leaders ‘front page news’

by • 4 months ago

The pandemic, and the need to use digital mapping to respond to it, elevated the role of GIS leaders in state governments.

New York launches web app connecting residents to pandemic benefits

by • 5 months ago

A new "Find Services" site, which directs users to social welfare programs, was developed in concert with Google under the state's "Tech SWAT Team" program.

For New Yorkers at risk of eviction, the city launched a new service

by • 8 months ago

New York City's new "tenant resource portal" provides an informational tool to protect the rights of some 1.5 million residents at risk of being evicted during the pandemic.