Utah police officers plan to use bullet-tracking technology

by • 1 week ago

Police in Utah will soon test out a device, called ShotDot, that tracks and stores the timestamp data of every bullet fired from officers' weapons.

Banjo oversold surveillance software's features, Utah auditor says

by • 3 weeks ago

Live Time, which Utah officials stopped using last year after discovering the company's founder had been a Klan member, probably didn't overstep on privacy.

Utah Gov. Cox appoints Oracle executive as CIO

by • 2 months ago

Alan Fuller, who's spent the past 16 years leading projects at Oracle, will head the Utah Department of Technology Services.

Utah auditor issues recommendations to reduce bias in government software

by • 3 months ago

A commission formed after the founder of a tech vendor was discovered to have ties to white nationalism made 12 proposals to reduce bias in state technology.

Utah bill called solid 'first step' toward facial recognition policy

by • 3 months ago

The bill would require state agencies to file written requests before using facial recognition, though privacy advocates said the law could go further.

Utah auditor unveils new, faster financial transparency portal

by • 3 months ago

Built on Google Analytics tools, the new website represents a move to "transparency 3.0," said Utah State Auditor John Dougall.

Utah CIO Mike Hussey is stepping down

by • 4 months ago

After more than two decades in the Utah governor's office, statewide CIO Mike Hussey has announced he's moving on in the new year.

Utah builds fantasy gaming platform to bring state workers together

by • 4 months ago

The Utah Department of Technology Services recently put its technological acumen to work, developing Geek Bracket, an online fantasy gaming platform.

Utah's troubled COVID-19 tech contracts could spur procurement reform

by • 7 months ago

A report from the state's legislative auditor this week showed that departments did not communicate effectively as they rushed into no-bid technology contracts necessitated by the pandemic.