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Utah to shut down its innovation incubator

by • 1 week ago

As state lawmakers approve closure of the Utah Science, Technology and Research Initiative, governors in other states plan new ways to innovate.

Utah to join states allowing fully autonomous vehicles on public roads

by • 2 weeks ago

If signed by Gov. Gary Herbert, Utah would join states including California, Arizona, and Pennsylvania that allow public testing of fully autonomous vehicles.

State CIOs need to change culture around data sharing

by • 2 months ago

On the latest episode of the Priorities podcast, Illinois CIO Jack King and Utah CIO Mike Hussey offer steps to better data use and sharing.

How the Utah government got a handle on 60,000 devices

by • 2 months ago

Two years ago, the state didn't know what was on its network. Now, state CISO Phil Bates says it's automating security processes on a well-managed inventory.

A Virginia agency built an escape room for cybersecurity training

by • 2 months ago

Its efficacy has yet to be proven, but officials say engagement and interest in the training material is way up.

A potluck invitation generated a 'Reply All-pocalypse' in Utah

by • 3 months ago

An invitation to a holiday party meant for fewer than 100 people went out all 22,000 state employees, leading to 12 minutes of email madness before Utah's IT agency shut down the thread.

State chief data officers have some suggestions for the White House as it revises federal data guidelines

by • 8 months ago

A group of 13 top statewide CDOs wrote in support for the Federal Data Strategy initiatives, but is asking for closer collaboration with state and local government stakeholders.

States and counties are not 'sitting back' on election cybersecurity, officials tell Congress

by • 8 months ago

Federal, state and local officials said they are forging closer partnerships that will protect elections against cyberattacks, as lawmakers found distractions in Trump tweets, Google rankings and other miscellany.

Utah expands AI use with Google Home notary quiz

by • 9 months ago

The Beehive State continues to build on its reputation as a fervent supporter of artificial intelligence as it seeks new ways to ease the public's interactions with state government.

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