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How cities can create a trustworthy privacy model

by • 1 month ago

Developing trust with residents who will encounter internet-connected devices is the best way for cities to develop community privacy models, speakers said.

Bill would create cybersecurity grant program for state and local governments

by • 4 months ago

The bipartisan bill, sponsored by Sens. Mark Warner and Cory Gardner, is similar to one introduced two years ago but failed to advance.

Community IoT network launches in Charlottesville, Va.

by • 5 months ago

Early partnerships with educational institutions and community groups will make this a project everyone can use and build together, organizers say.

San Leandro, Calif. deploys 'moving target data protection' to streetlight network

by • 7 months ago

Using new technology from a company called Cryptomove, the city says it can turn thousands of its "internet of things" devices into security assets.

'Internet of things' poised for greatest impact, local IT leaders say

by • 11 months ago

IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain and autonomous systems top the list of most impactful emerging technologies for local government, according to a new infographic from the Public Technology Institute.

California readies new security requirements for 'internet of things' devices

by • 11 months ago

A bill raising security standards for all internet-connected devices sold in the state is awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown's signature, but some experts say it still has flimsy language.

How to improve IoT's role in city construction? Model it from the start, a new report says

by • 11 months ago

Sensors and other tools are often overlooked in design and architecture, Georgia Tech researchers find.

'Smart' streetlights could be used for widespread public surveillance, ACLU warns

by • 11 months ago

Though commonly advertised as environmental tools, the devices could instead be used by police agencies with minimal oversight to surveil the communities the technology was meant to serve.

IoT risk often 'cannot be managed' in Massachusetts state government, auditor finds

by • 12 months ago

A paucity of controls and standards for the emerging technology has placed many agencies in an uncomfortable position, according to a new report.