Florida's unemployment agency leaked Social Security data last month

by • 1 week ago

Florida, which decommissioned its centralized IT agency last year, has compromised the personal information of 98 unemployment insurance applicants.

'Not a data scientist' says Florida Gov. DeSantis of fired GIS manager

by • 2 weeks ago

Rebekah Jones, who said she was taken off Florida's COVID-19 dashboard, "exhibited a repeated course of insubordination," according to the governor's office.

Designer of Florida's COVID-19 dashboard says she was removed for not censoring data

by • 2 weeks ago

A GIS manager for the state's health department said management of a highly praised coronavirus dashboard was taken away after she refused to alter data.

State unemployment systems are still struggling

by • 1 month ago

Governors continue to apologize for computer systems that continue to have new problems as the pandemic wears on.

State IT shops deliver during pandemic, but watch for budget cuts

by • 1 month ago

CIOs are rapidly delivering services where they're needed in states that have invested in IT, but they're also bracing for uncertain economic times ahead.

Vendor-tracking software firm wields pandemic in latest pitch to states

by • 2 months ago

TransparentBusiness, which last year lobbied nearly every state to use its software to monitor IT contractors, sees an opening in the telework surge.

Florida on verge of reorganizing IT governance — yet again

by • 2 months ago

The Sunshine State, which has overhauled its technology agencies three times since 2005, is about to do it one more time.

Six months after IT reorganization, Florida's deputy CIO steps down

by • 6 months ago

Deputy CIO Heath Beach says his team did "great things." Meanwhile, the state has yet to name a new leader of the young technology agency.

Fraud detection technology returns $34 million to Florida counties

by • 10 months ago

A fraud detection service has uncovered millions in unpaid tax revenue across two Florida counties using data analysis.