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Six months after IT reorganization, Florida's deputy CIO steps down

by • 3 months ago

Deputy CIO Heath Beach says his team did "great things." Meanwhile, the state has yet to name a new leader of the young technology agency.

Fraud detection technology returns $34 million to Florida counties

by • 7 months ago

A fraud detection service has uncovered millions in unpaid tax revenue across two Florida counties using data analysis.

Florida eliminates IT agency (again)

by • 8 months ago

The Agency for State Technology, created only in 2014, will cease to exist come July 1, when it is absorbed by the state Department of Management Services.

Florida city pays hackers $600,000 after ransomware attack

by • 8 months ago

The malware that hit Riviera Beach has not been identified, but a cybersecurity researcher tells StateScoop the attack resembles incidents involving the Ryuk virus.

Florida to spend $5.1 million on election cybersecurity, governor says

by • 8 months ago

Gov. Ron DeSantis also said the state will soon begin a statewide election cybersecurity review he ordered after two counties were successfully hacked in 2016.

U.S. House bill would require feds to notify public of election hacking

by • 9 months ago

Two lawmakers from Florida say federal officials should be required to inform Congress, state and local authorities and the public if an election-related computer system is hacked.

Florida governor orders statewide review of election cybersecurity

by • 9 months ago

Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered the state and all 67 counties to review their security after learning Russian hackers had successfully breached two counties' voter databases in 2016.

Russians hacked two Florida counties in 2016, Gov. DeSantis says

by • 10 months ago

The governor said he cannot name the counties, citing an "unusual" nondisclosure agreement he signed with federal officials.

Florida will reorganize IT governance yet again

by • 10 months ago

The five-year-old Agency for State Technology will be merged with a telecommunications office, marking the third time since 2005 that Florida has eliminated an IT bureau.