Arizona ballot review undermined election security, new EI-ISAC leaders say

Former Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar said the Maricopa County recount is "the very opposite of what election officials around the country have been working to do."

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North Dakota CISO Kevin Ford to take lead cyber role with Esri

by • 5 days ago

North Dakota CIO Shawn Riley credited Ford for his role in a cybersecurity consolidation process that's included nearly every part of the state's public sector.

Why aren't schools required to report ransomware?

by • 6 days ago

Better ransomware reporting could help improve defense against the cyberattacks — why aren't schools required to report their attacks?

North Dakota IT audit to include review of election tech

by • 1 week ago

State Auditor Joshua Gallion said the routine technology audit will not be like the recent ballot reviews seen in Arizona and other states.

StateRAMP group names first state IT vendors approved for new security certification

by • 2 weeks ago

Fifty-one products from 24 companies made the cut as the group encourages more vendors to apply.

Iowa hires statewide CISO after 20-month vacancy

by • 2 weeks ago

Shane Dwyer, an agency CISO in Wisconsin, will be Iowa's first statewide cybersecurity leader since the January 2020 departure of Jeff Franklin.

Arizona readies first pilot of ‘StateRAMP’ program

by • 3 weeks ago

Arizona tech officials plan to spend the next year testing a new program to vet and monitor the security practices of their cloud vendors.

UC Berkeley group to study future of mobile voting

by • 3 weeks ago

Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will head up a panel of election and cybersecurity experts to create some standards for the oft-criticized practice.

California AG reminds hospitals to report cyberattacks

by • 3 weeks ago

California Attorney General Rob Bonta said there have been "multiple unreported ransomware attacks" against the state's health providers.

K-12 schools get cybersecurity guidance from industry group

by • 3 weeks ago

The national director of The K12 Security Information Exchange said "there’s a lack of cybersecurity standards in the K-12 space."

Oregon IT audit highlights cyber policy gaps

by • 4 weeks ago

The state’s technology division agreed with auditor recommendations but cited challenges with IT’s decentralized structure.