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As 911 goes digital, security and training pose major challenges

by • 2 weeks ago

Today's aging, analog 911 systems are largely insulated from cyberattacks. But soon they'll be plugged into everything else that gets hacked.

Ohio releases broadband report, priming statewide strategy

by • 3 weeks ago

A broadband report from the transportation department will help officials develop a broadband strategy over the next several months, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said.

Cleveland launches citywide network to control cameras, streetlights

by • 3 weeks ago

A $35 million system will remotely control thousands of surveillance cameras and streetlights, preparing for “more advanced, future-ready smart city applications."

Senate breakthrough on election security funding 'encouraging'

by • 4 weeks ago

Some state election officials at a federal cybersecurity conference said they're happy to see progress toward sustainable funding, but others remain dubious.

Ohio gets $17.8 million to test autonomous vehicles on rural roads

by • 1 month ago

The next generation of transportation gets plenty of testing in cities, but Ohio researchers say there are important lessons to be learned in the boondocks.

Musical 'think tank' sessions spur IT creativity in Ohio

by • 2 months ago

Ohio state CIO Ervan Rodgers says he wanted to create an atmosphere that would get people loose and willing to share new ideas.

AI, robotic process automation gain steam in state government

by • 2 months ago

A preview of NASCIO's 2019 survey data shows state IT leaders are becoming more interested in how the emerging technologies can transform business processes.

Six states to develop data-driven workforce strategies

by • 2 months ago

With support from the National Governors Association and Strada Education Network, states will use consumer data to design education and training programs.

Ohio hopes wrong-way radar system will reduce roadway deaths

by • 3 months ago

State officials expect new detection devices and flashing signs around Cincinnati to cut back on the rare, but often deadly crashes caused by drivers going the wrong way.