Nevada's local officials are still skeptical of 'innovation zones'

by • 1 month ago

County officials in Nevada told state legislators they don't want to share governmental authority with tech companies buying large plots of land in the state.

State CIOs eye satellite internet, chatbots, automation tools

by • 2 months ago

Satellite internet systems could be a cheaper solution to the digital divide, particularly in rural states, top technology officials said.

Nevada to spend $2 million on multi-factor authentication

by • 5 months ago

Nevada officials said state accounts were compromised dozens of times last year, and that additional authentication can help prevent future cases.

Nevada presses pause on 'innovation zones'

by • 5 months ago

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak said the idea of communities governed by technology companies warrants further public examination before the legislature makes a decision.

States continue tinkering with their unemployment systems

by • 5 months ago

States are still ironing out the policies, procedures and technologies that will allow their unemployment insurance platforms to scale for massive demand.

Nevada CIO says state's IT is 8 years behind others'

by • 7 months ago

Alan Cunningham, who joined the state government last summer, said a federated environment and inflexible IT funding model is stunting its performance.

Nevada weighs letting tech companies build their own communities

by • 8 months ago

Gov. Steve Sisolak voiced support for legislation allowing emerging-tech companies to develop land where they could assume the power of county governments.

For rapid housing relief, Nevada's biggest county went digital

by • 11 months ago

New software from IBM eliminated the need for Clark County, Nevada's 2.2 million residents to visit an office in person to drop off applications for housing assistance.

State CIOs enter the cloud ‘one step at a time’

by • 12 months ago

The pandemic is accelerating states' IT modernization efforts, but institutional challenges are also encouraging state IT leaders to upgrade incrementally.