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'Smart cities' are growing faster than IT officials can secure them

by • 3 days ago

Smart cities offer a lot of "bright, shiny objects," but governments need to make sure their cybersecurity polices keep pace, speakers at a conference said.

New 'Curiosity Lab' for AV testing has real pedestrians, steep roads

by • 5 days ago

The new autonomous vehicle testing track, which is open to the public, offers to researchers obstacles not found on closed-track facilities.

Chicago launches technological transformation council

by • 6 days ago

The new public-private working group, led by a City Council member, aims to help Chicago introduce emerging technologies in cost-effective manners.

One mayor's smart-city vision: No scooters, more surveillance

by • 6 days ago

The mayor of Montgomery, Alabama, says he doesn't want e-scooters, but that he is excited by new law-enforcement technologies.

5G promises to bring 21st-century infrastructure — and fun with robots

by • 7 days ago

At a smart cities conference in Atlanta, 5G was called as essential to cities today as sewers were in the 19th century. In the suburbs, it meant dancing robots.

DHS, St. Louis partner on 'smart city' pilot for public safety

by • 3 weeks ago

The Department of Homeland Security says it wants to make it easier for cities to mix and match technologies from different vendors.

Philadelphia revitalizes 'smart city' plan with change management

by • 1 month ago

As The City of Brotherly Love works to get smarter, city CIO Mark Wheeler says governance and strategic planning are key.

Columbus launches yearlong microtransit pilot

by • 2 months ago

A shuttle system, powered by ride-sharing software company Via, will introduce microtransit to Central Ohio.

Orlando is done testing Amazon's facial recognition software

by • 2 months ago

City officials said they cannot dedicate the resources needed to continue using the much-criticized technology.