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Bloomberg ends Democratic bid that pledged to take 'smart city' policies to White House

by • 4 weeks ago

The former New York mayor who said he believes in "using data to inform decisions" admitted his $550 million campaign failed to convince voters that his city policies should be taken nationwide.

Don't let 'smart city' buzzwords confuse people, IT leaders say

by • 1 month ago

If the public will interact with a project, they shouldn't be exposed to confusing terms that obscure the purpose of a project, IT officials told a conference audience.

Smart Cities Council launches sustainability-focused 2020 challenge

by • 2 months ago

Five cities will win a year’s worth of assistance and advising from a network of urban technology experts.

Smart cities for president? Two ex-mayors could take the movement national

by • 2 months ago

Michael Bloomberg and Pete Buttigieg ran their cities as data-driven, analytics-focused technocrats. Could they do the same for the whole country?

Courting mayors, Bloomberg says he'll bring data-driven 'smart' policies to White House

by • 2 months ago

The billionaire and former mayor suggested his presidency would be a continuation of the “smart city” he pursued during his time leading New York City.

Time to level up your 'smart city' tech, says Baltimore DevOps chief

by • 3 months ago

Most cities only have "Level 1" internet-of-things devices. It's time to start connecting them, says Baltimore director of digital DevOps Jet Lu.

Cities need specialists to keep pace with emerging tech, experts say

by • 3 months ago

Panelists at the Consumer Electronics Show suggested cities hire people — which they referred to as "lookers" — to manage civic-tech pilot projects.

Kansas City, Missouri, lowers emphasis on 'smart city' projects

by • 4 months ago

Alexander Braszko, the outgoing innovation chief, said his role is being eliminated in favor of a 12-member board appointed by a mayor who's been skeptical of smart-city projects.

Seattle's smart-city coordinator leaving for civic-tech consulting group

by • 4 months ago

Kate Garman, Seattle's lead technology adviser to Mayor Jenny Durkan, announced she will move to CityFi in January.