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Fredericksburg first to join Virginia's 'smart communities' network

by • 1 week ago

Looking to ply data analytics against urban blight, the city is the first in what the state hopes will grow into a network of technological expertise.

Houston using Hurricane Harvey recovery to promote 'smart city' agenda

by • 4 weeks ago

Mayor Sylvester Turner says continued rebuilding after the 2017 storm has enabled technology investments that modernize the city and make it more competitive.

San Leandro, Calif. deploys 'moving target data protection' to streetlight network

by • 4 weeks ago

Using new technology from a company called Cryptomove, the city says it can turn thousands of its "internet of things" devices into security assets.

New mayoral consultancy wants to help 'smart city' projects succeed

by • 1 month ago

The organizer's CEO, George Burgacia, says the mayor's office is the perfect place to begin fixing the fundamental flaws in wayward urban technology.

Philadelphia ready to install 100 free Wi-Fi kiosks

by • 2 months ago

The city has announced the next phase of its partnership with Intersection, which will install and maintain the devices around the city.

Mini-backed incubator launches fifth class of startup companies

by • 3 months ago

Urban-X announced its fifth group of startups companies, each of which will receive $100,000 and access to a network of engineers and designers to develop technology-driven solutions to urban challenges.

Sidewalk Labs claims its Toronto 'smart neighborhood' will create more than 9,000 jobs

by • 3 months ago

Google's urban-innovation offshoot also said 40 percent of residential units in its Quayside development will be priced at below-market rates, but a housing expert said that won't solve Toronto's housing problems.

NYC joins Amsterdam, Barcelona to protect residents' digital rights

by • 3 months ago

A new coalition of governments seeks to apply certain human rights standards, as defined by the United Nations, to the digital space.

Half of local IT agencies left out of smart strategy planning

by • 4 months ago

Many city and county technology officials surveyed by PTI reported they do not play a main role in the development of their government’s smart strategy.

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