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Multi-source model opens doors for AI, 'smart data' in Virginia

by • 2 days ago

Now free of its contract with Northrop Grumman, Virginia's CIO says the state is now free to pursue exciting new technologies, like AI, faster.

Philadelphia names members of smart-city advisory group

by • 5 days ago

The city announced 17 members of its SmartCityPHL Advisory Committee, which is tasked with implementing a "smart-city roadmap" published earlier this year.

'Smart city' technology alone cannot solve social problems, author argues

by • 1 week ago

Harvard researcher Ben Green's new book, "The Smart Enough City," encourages local leaders and policymakers to consider the limits of technology as a solution to complex social and political problems in urban environments.

Bill would create cybersecurity grant program for state and local governments

by • 2 weeks ago

The bipartisan bill, sponsored by Sens. Mark Warner and Cory Gardner, is similar to one introduced two years ago but failed to advance.

How one city trawls social media to inform policy and make decisions

by • 2 weeks ago

The CIO for Aurora, Illinois, says an AI-powered platform crawls Facebook, Twitter and other sources to help officials understand sentiment and spot problems as they arise.

Outgoing Kansas City CIO to lead 'smart cities swat teams'

by • 2 weeks ago

Bob Bennett announces his successor and his new consulting position with the urban-development magazine and research group Cities Today.

'Smart cities' contemplate turning big data into big money

by • 3 weeks ago

As cities accumulate more data than ever before, questions emerge of whether they should charge third-party developers who want to use it.

'Smart city' initiatives are creating a flood of new data

by • 3 weeks ago

As municipal devices tuck away trillions of terabytes of data, smart-city experts say they don't have the workforce or infrastructure to parse the information.

Boston's new centralized data platform is the city's starting point for predictive analytics

by • 3 weeks ago

Initially focused on centralizing data and improving data-sharing, officials say this is the first step before tackling challenges before they appear.

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