Smart Cities

Trust and engagement are key for post-pandemic 'smart cities'

by • 5 days ago

A city can only be smart if residents can access and trust its technology, New York City CTO John Paul Farmer said during the Smart Cities Live conference.

Local officials tout importance of partnerships during pandemic

by • 3 weeks ago

Local governments seeking greater use of data to drive their services should consider partnerships with private companies now more than ever, several officials said during an online event.

Six ways to fall in (or back in) love with your city

by • 3 weeks ago

Jonathan Reichental has a few suggestions on how to spice up your relationship with your city.

San Antonio looks to eliminate bias within 'smart city' planning

by • 2 months ago

City officials want to make their annual community surveys more accessible to non-English speakers and other residents who may be excluded from them.

New framework promises cities 'the next frontier' in data-sharing

by • 3 months ago

A group of telecommunications companies and the nonprofit U.S. Ignite want city governments to look beyond open data and begin using what they call a "data-sharing exchange."

'Smart Cities for Dummies' plots a course to a prosperous future

by • 3 months ago

Former Palo Alto, California, CIO Jonathan Reichental says his new book, a For Dummies title about how to improve cities, is attracting a wide audience.

New Orleans' new 'smart port' to size up supply chains, flood risk

by • 4 months ago

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards announced a new project bringing sensors and a data analysis center that he said will serve as a statewide model for maritime commerce.

Rebuilding our city infrastructure begins with municipal broadband

by • 4 months ago

Commentary: Ignite Cities’ George Burciaga says as cities emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, municipal broadband is key to driving future tech innovation and success.

What will the next decade of government technology look like?

by • 5 months ago

Former Palo Alto, California, CIO Jonathan Reichental said he wants to "make things better." From AI to the cloud, these are the technologies he thinks can make that happen.