Emerging Tech — A StateScoop & EdScoop Special Report

Trends in data analytics, cryptocurrency, easy application development and virtual reality are shaking up government and academic IT.

emerging tech news

Crypto's crash tamped down mayors' hype, but cities are still chasing it

by • 4 weeks ago

Bitcoin has lost half its value, but many cities are still looking to embrace cryptocurrency, even if there's not really a good use for it.

States: Heed the power of low-code software development

by • 4 weeks ago

Low-code application development boomed during the pandemic. But now the technology’s biggest proponents say it needs careful management.

Maryland becomes second state to offer IDs on Apple Wallet

by • 1 month ago

Maryland follows Arizona in making its IDs compatible with the Apple Wallet app, though they're only accepted at two airports for now.

New York transit picks 10 firms to test new tech ideas

by • 1 month ago

The Transit Tech Lab announced 10 new companies that will run eight-week pilot programs to help with safety, operations and emissions.

Tennessee's Medicaid program is going in on process automation

by • 2 months ago

TennCare CIO Hugh Hale said he wants to automate as many of his agency's processes as possible to make themselves "easier to deal with."

NIST launches immersive VR research center for public safety

by • 2 months ago

Researchers at NIST plan to use the new space to develop new indoor location-tracking technology and user interfaces for public safety.

AIOps cutting hours of cyber work in Utah, CTO says

by • 2 months ago

Utah Chief Technology Officer Dave Fletcher said AIOps has allowed his team to cut hours of work out of monitoring for cyber risks.

Arizona launches digital IDs for Apple devices

by • 3 months ago

The state is the first to make its driver's licenses available in Apple Wallet, though so far, they can only be used at the Phoenix airport.

San Jose, Calif., taps lidar to understand pedestrian death trend

by • 3 months ago

San Jose Chief Innovation Officer Clay Garner said his city is using technology developed by Velodyne Lidar to spot near-misses on roadways.

CivStart and National League of Cities to help six cities launch tech pilots

by • 4 months ago

CivStart will help the cities, including New York and Philadelphia, find tech solutions to local issues over the next year.