Police in rural Ohio are using VR for empathy training

Organizers said the platform's low cost and portability are promising for a profession short on training resources.

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UC Berkeley group to study future of mobile voting

by • 3 weeks ago

Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will head up a panel of election and cybersecurity experts to create some standards for the oft-criticized practice.

For wildfire tech, one California city is turning to Silicon Valley

by • 3 weeks ago

As another devastating fire season rips across the state, city officials want to develop more advanced, early-warning technologies.

Watch for a new generation of smaller smart cities

by • 4 weeks ago

Increasingly, small and midsize cities are joining the smart-city movement. Limerick, Ireland, is among those coming up in the world.

New York prepares for 5G kiosks after stinging program review

by • 4 weeks ago

A July report by the New York State auditor found that the LinkNYC program has not penetrated less-connected boroughs and shortchanged the city on ad revenue.

South Bend, Indiana, finalizes 'smart sewer' plan after 5 years of retooling

by • 1 month ago

One city leader said federal officials were surprised by the reduction of environmental impact offered at a low cost.

Michigan and Ontario form smart-mobility pact

by • 1 month ago

The two governments said they'll research technologies that can improve transportation across their shared border.

Nevada's local officials are still skeptical of 'innovation zones'

by • 1 month ago

County officials in Nevada told state legislators they don't want to share governmental authority with tech companies buying large plots of land in the state.

Google's AI helped Wisconsin clear unemployment backlog

by • 2 months ago

Officials said the company's machine learning tech helped clear 770,000 applications and screen for fraud.

Akron, Ohio, using garbage trucks to measure electrical grid performance

by • 2 months ago

Radio-frequency sensors mounted on sanitation trucks are helping northeast Ohio cities detect degraded electrical equipment.

CU Denver formalizes partnership with Colorado Smart Cities Alliance

by • 2 months ago

The University of Colorado Denver announced an expansion of its partnership with the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance to study "smart city" technologies.