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North Dakota announces cyber capture-the-flag event for students

by • 3 days ago

To attract more students to careers in cybersecurity, the statewide technology bureau is helping to organize a competition that coincides with the military's esports event.

Workforce committee pushes new training, recruitment strategies in Tennessee

by • 2 months ago

In K-12 and the state government itself, officials are rethinking how they prepare workers for emerging technical jobs.

Mississippi state government doesn’t have cybersecurity roles — yet

by • 2 months ago

Mississippi CIO Craig Orgeron says the state is currently revamping its IT job classifications to match the modern technology landscape.

You don't need a college degree to work for Indiana IT

by • 2 months ago

The state's Office of Technology now offers paid on-the-job training through the State Earn and Learn program, emphasizing aptitude over experience.

Advancing multi-vendor IT model tops priorities, Virginia CIO says

by • 2 months ago

The state is moving its data center and hiring new staff, but maturing its new IT sourcing model takes priority, says Virginia CIO Nelson Moe.

Election cyberattacks grow with each new candidate, Utah CIO says

by • 3 months ago

Utah Chief Information Officer Mike Hussey says the state is coordinating and practicing for cyberattacks against election systems, which are escalating.

‘30 percent’ of Illinois state IT workforce eligible to retire

by • 3 months ago

State CIO Ron Guerrier says it’s a problem seen in many states, and one that’s prompted him to explore new recruitment methods.

How to adapt to changing customer expectations

by • 3 months ago

The L.A. Metro built an engagement layer into their regional transit card’s backend system that opened up new service options in a dynamic environment.

‘10 percent’ of Nebraska IT’s workforce is new graduates

by • 3 months ago

State CIO Ed Toner says his key to keeping the state’s technology workforce fresh has been strong partnerships with local colleges.