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Innovative state agencies replicate commercial sector gains in cloud migration journey

by • 2 weeks ago

Cloud experts discuss innovation, small wins and better partnerships following a report on state agencies’ progress in moving to the cloud.

Inspired by Vonnegut, Maine governor creates 'Office of Innovation and the Future'

by • 1 month ago

The new agency will examine forward-looking policies that include broadband expansion and state workforce development.

NYU's 'People-Led Innovation' project launches new website

by • 1 month ago

NYU's GovLab and the Bertelsmann Foundation have published resources for city government officials interested in tapping their populations for new ideas.

Balance tech growth with social responsibility, says Sacramento's mayor

by • 1 month ago

Darrell Steinberg advocated for government policies and attitudes that lift up all parts of society simultaneously.

'InnovateOhio' office will modernize state government, says incoming Lt. Gov. Jon Husted

by • 1 month ago

The new office is to look at everything from broadband expansion and worker training to data consolidation and blockchain technology.

A Virginia agency built an escape room for cybersecurity training

by • 1 month ago

Its efficacy has yet to be proven, but officials say engagement and interest in the training material is way up.

Radio, 911 upgrades top priorities for county law enforcement

by • 2 months ago

In an infographic from Public Technology Institute, county law enforcement agencies report radio communications as the top priority over the next five years.

A potluck invitation generated a 'Reply All-pocalypse' in Utah

by • 2 months ago

An invitation to a holiday party meant for fewer than 100 people went out all 22,000 state employees, leading to 12 minutes of email madness before Utah's IT agency shut down the thread.

San Francisco accuses former IT employees of nepotism in awarding cybersecurity contract

by • 2 months ago

A lawsuit from the city attorney alleges that former officials steered a $1.2 million contract to a firm where one of their husbands worked as a sales director.

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