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Procurement reform can help states transform in 'smaller chunks,' says California CIO

by • 4 days ago

California Chief Information Officer Amy Tong says digital transformation should focus heavily on business needs to be effective.

Why state CIOs should embrace 'the power of purpose'

by • 1 week ago

Commentary: Chris Estes explains the path he took while serving as North Carolina's CIO, from "uniting around purpose" to digital transformation.

'Smart city' initiatives are creating a flood of new data

by • 3 weeks ago

As municipal devices tuck away trillions of terabytes of data, smart-city experts say they don't have the workforce or infrastructure to parse the information.

Know your environments before consolidation, say state IT chiefs

by • 4 weeks ago

On Season 4, Episode 1 of Priorities, top tech officials from Kansas and Arkansas share challenges and goals of centralizing and outsourcing IT functions.

States are struggling to attract top IT talent from the workforce

by • 4 weeks ago

A survey highlights workforce challenges, driving some states' CIOs to focus on job reclassification and internship programs.

NYC data office looks to evolve past 'startup mentality'

by • 4 weeks ago

The city's Mayors Office of Data Analytics is now a permanent agency. Now, its officials are moving ad hoc processes into advanced analytics strategies.

Salary constraints, lack of qualified applicants top local government IT workforce woes

by • 1 month ago

Ninety-two percent of local governments said in a recent survey they struggle to find IT staff with the necessary skills.

New York State announces winners of online safety poster contest

by • 2 months ago

Led by the state technology office, the program is designed to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues among students.

Innovative state agencies replicate commercial sector gains in cloud migration journey

by • 2 months ago

Cloud experts discuss innovation, small wins and better partnerships following a report on state agencies’ progress in moving to the cloud.

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