Five states tap real-time data to improve roadway safety

by • 12 months ago

Louisiana, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Texas have boosted their use of real-time roadway data in recent months.

Four states join cybersecurity automation pilot

by • 1 year ago

Arizona, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Texas are working with a Johns Hopkins University lab to speed up how they react to threat intelligence.

Louisiana waives fee for digital driver's license app to slow virus

by • 1 year ago

The current pandemic has led Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards to drop a small fee associated with registering the app in hopes of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Wyoming lawmakers advance digital driver's license bill

by • 1 year ago

After a pilot testing the technology in 2017, Wyoming lawmakers are joining a growing trend, laying down laws that would allow for device-based identification.

Now 10 years old, Code for America hopes for government to walk alone

by • 1 year ago

After a decade of challenging conventional wisdom, now-former CEO Jen Pahlka says more calls for change will begin cropping up from within government itself.

La. secretary of state blasts managed service providers for lax cybersecurity

by • 2 years ago

Kyle Ardoin told his fellow secretaries of state that the vendors many local governments use for IT services don't offer security strong enough for elections.

Louisiana IT agency audited for poor communication, accountability

by • 2 years ago

An auditor's report shows many of the Office of Technology Services' customers are confused or unsatisfied by the service they receive from the young agency.

Election officials are watching how their states respond to cyberattacks

by • 2 years ago

Ransomware attacks against state and local governments have been "real-life fire drills" for election officials preparing to oversee the 2020 presidential race.

Louisiana CIO shares ransomware's silver lining

by • 2 years ago

Though disruptive, ransomware in Louisiana connected state and education officials and matured the state's cybersecurity posture.