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Louisiana IT agency audited for poor communication, accountability

by • 2 days ago

An auditor's report shows many of the Office of Technology Services' customers are confused or unsatisfied by the service they receive from the young agency.

Election officials are watching how their states respond to cyberattacks

by • 2 weeks ago

Ransomware attacks against state and local governments have been "real-life fire drills" for election officials preparing to oversee the 2020 presidential race.

Louisiana CIO shares ransomware's silver lining

by • 2 months ago

Though disruptive, ransomware in Louisiana connected state and education officials and matured the state's cybersecurity posture.

Louisiana issues another emergency declaration over ransomware

by • 2 months ago

Gov. John Bel Edwards issued his second emergency declaration in less than six months because of a ransomware attack.

'User education' key to prevent ransomware, says state cyber commander

by • 2 months ago

"There’s always that one user who gets the email and wants to click on it," said Maj. Alan Dunn of the Louisiana National Guard. "That’s 85 to 90 percent of your battle."

Louisiana government hit with ransomware attack

by • 2 months ago

Officials said the attack, which involved the Ryuk malware, did not result in any data loss.

Govern for America hopes first cohort spurs interest in government work

by • 4 months ago

The national fellowship program is striving to rebrand careers in state and local government as a challenging and meaningful adventure.

Washington, D.C., to test digital driver's licenses within six months

by • 4 months ago

District Chief Technology Officer Lindsey Parker announced at an event that the local government will soon begin experimenting with digital credentials.

Louisiana to build $1.5 million cybersecurity facility

by • 5 months ago

The Louisiana Cyber Coordination Center will be home to the state National Guard's cybersecurity activities and two private-sector firms.