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In Sacramento, civic technology guides progress

by • 3 weeks ago

The city's chief innovation officer says civic tech undergirds a vast array of economic development and strategic initiatives in the state capital.

Musical 'think tank' sessions spur IT creativity in Ohio

by • 4 weeks ago

Ohio state CIO Ervan Rodgers says he wanted to create an atmosphere that would get people loose and willing to share new ideas.

Citizen services should serve the bottom 5 percent — and everyone else

by • 4 weeks ago

The top technology official for Santa Clara County, California, says in her jurisdiction, digital services fall into two clear categories.

Why cybersecurity in state government is like babysitting

by • 4 weeks ago

Maine's state CIO says state IT officials have a big responsibility to care for the public's data and keep it safe.

Philadelphia revitalizes 'smart city' plan with change management

by • 1 month ago

As The City of Brotherly Love works to get smarter, city CIO Mark Wheeler says governance and strategic planning are key.

State, local agencies should unify on innovation, Intel exec says

by • 3 months ago

Lisa Davis, a former federal government agency CIO, says state and local agencies should have a unified vision and strategy to maximize tech's impact.

Texas 'tiger team' helps agencies move to the cloud

by • 3 months ago

Building on rising cloud adoption statewide, state CIO Todd Kimbriel says his agency has team dedicated to helping agencies chart their own paths to cloud.

Technology can help government change, says Sacramento's mayor

by • 3 months ago

Government needs to change, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg says, and with technology, it can.

How 'smart city' collaboration sets New York City apart

by • 4 months ago

New York City's interim technology chief calls for cities to band together on common goals and share technological expertise as his city has done.

Amid recovery, U.S. Virgin Islands looks to cloud and consolidation

by • 4 months ago

Almost two years after Hurricanes Maria and Irma crippled the island territory, its CIO Angelo Riddick says reliability is key.