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Georgia’s CISO on strategies to overcome workforce gaps in security

by • 6 days ago

David Allen shares the state’s approach to expand its security workforce, including leveraging young talent out of school and partnering with third-party security providers.

Pennsylvania's CTO on ensuring network resiliency to support cloud strategies

by • 2 weeks ago

Pennsylvania CTO on how the adoption of cloud computing impacts the state’s networking requirements and what value propositions to consider in network updates.

Georgia’s CTO on taking a cloud-first posture to minimize technical debt

by • 3 weeks ago

The state is shifting its cloud posture after the expense and fragility of its VPN-approach to connecting to on-prem data centers reached a tipping point, shares CTO Steve Nichols.

Advancing AI/ML in state and local government

by • 3 weeks ago

IT experts from Arizona and HPE discuss ways AI/ML are helping to advance the work of the Superior Court in Maricopa County.

North Dakota’s CTO, the right network capacity at the right cost

by • 4 weeks ago

Duane Schell shares how the state has kept networking costs relatively neutral by adding more value to the capacities they are procuring.

Building the roadmap to IT network modernization

by • 1 month ago

Copper River IT on ensuring state networks can properly and securely support IT efforts.

Pennsylvania CIO says digital commerce is 'great model' for government transactions

by • 2 months ago

Pennsylvania CIO John MacMillan gave an update on the customer-service overhaul the commonwealth kicked off in 2019.

New York CTO says building digital services 'cannot be disruptive'

by • 2 months ago

New York CTO Rajiv Rao said that while digital government is here to stay, it can't undermine existing vital services.

Connecticut CIO wants to make sure consolidation doesn't 'break the business'

by • 2 months ago

The CIO of Connecticut said a process uniting IT governance has moved incrementally because "large changes scare people."

The 'cool' thing about relief funding, according to New Hampshire CIO Denis Goulet

by • 2 months ago

New Hampshire CIO Denis Goulet says that a year on, the American Rescue Plan has put IT in a greater leadership role.