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Vermont aims to consolidate 300 CRM tools

by • 23 hours ago

Upgrading to a modern CRM solution will bring mobility, analytics and standardization across agencies, says state CIO John Quinn.

College partnerships are keeping Nebraska’s workforce full

by • 1 day ago

State CIO Ed Toner says partnerships with local community colleges have eliminated his office’s workforce problems.

Digital government starts with ‘evangelizing’ new ideas

by • 2 days ago

New Hampshire’s CIO says transforming government isn’t about technology, but changing the thought patterns on those who control it.

Indiana takes varied approach to workforce development

by • 2 days ago

State CIO Dewand Neely said his older employees aren’t retiring yet, but he’s employing several strategies to be prepared for when they do.

You can’t afford not to modernize IT, says Tennessee CIO

by • 4 days ago

Understanding the risk environment and taking an inventory is the critical starting point for state information technology upgrades, said Stephanie Dedmon.

Mississippi tallying ‘big wins’ in cybersecurity

by • 4 days ago

State CIO Craig Orgeron said new legislation and policy is helping the state mature, but a recent audit shows there’s still room to improve.

Virginia invites tech innovation by keeping its door open

by • 4 days ago

State CIO Nelson Moe said his agency’s created an environment that encourages vendors to share their creative ideas with the commonwealth.

Georgia is building address-level broadband coverage maps

by • 5 days ago

State CIO Calvin Rhodes said his office wanted data more precise than the census-block data provided by the FCC.

North Carolina’s election-security drills were 2020 preparation

by • 5 days ago

State CIO Eric Boyette said the cross jurisdictional exercises are one piece of an extensive cybersecurity program running throughout the state.

California pursues flexibility in procurement as state modernizes IT

by • 6 days ago

State CTO Richard Rogers says changing the state’s relationship with vendors will ultimately allow California agencies to achieve better outcomes.