FCC commits $1.2B in emergency funds to connect students

The FCC expects to provide at least 3 million devices and 774,000 broadband connections.

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North Dakota hires new chief customer success officer

by • 2 days ago

Amundson, a former director of a health software company, will be tasked with integrating technology into the state’s business procedures.

Why government technologists love the Domino's pizza tracker

by • 3 days ago

The ubiquitous pizza chain's customer-service app has become a model for state governments seeking to improve their digital services.

North Carolina is preparing for a $1 billion broadband push

by • 4 days ago

Officials said to allocate the funding effectively, they'll need more-accurate data.

$10B for next-generation 911 in budget package looks promising, experts say

by • 4 days ago

“We’re happy with how the language looks now," said Dan Henry, regulatory counsel for the National Emergency Number Association.

Identity is 'critical' for digital transformation, Arizona strategy chief says

by • 1 week ago

Arizona Chief Strategy Officer Doug Lange said that user identity management has been a core component of the state's broader modernization plan.

Pittsburgh is putting foundational IT first, acting CIO says

by • 1 week ago

City CIO Heidi Norman said the city will focus on connectivity before pursuing "fun stuff."

Automation holds the key to faster benefits delivery and reduced fraud

by • 2 weeks ago

Government leaders are discovering automation is more than a technology tool, but an enterprise capability to improve citizen service delivery, lower costs, accelerate digital modernization and reduce the risk of fraud.

How Zoom enables agencies to reimagine government services

by • 3 weeks ago

Government, court and community officials are seeing how video communications became a catalyst for rethinking citizen engagement.

'You're going to want' BRM in your state, CIOs say

by • 1 month ago

Four state CIOs shared their recent experience implementing business relationship management and navigating the challenges that followed.

Pennsylvania settles lawsuit with IBM over scuttled unemployment system

by • 1 month ago

The state ended a lawsuit against the computing giant over a never-finished unemployment upgrade that went $60 million over budget.