Newsom signs legislation creating California 'data haven' for abortion

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation blocking the state's tech firms from sharing data with states that have outlawed abortion.

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NYC revises open-data standards with an eye on longevity


New York City’s Office of Technology and Innovation updated its open data standards to make them intuitive and accessible.

California lawmakers approve bill creating 'data haven' for abortion


California lawmakers seek to block the state's tech companies from sharing data with states that have outlawed abortion since the fall of Roe v. Wade.

Rhode Island picks new vendor for tracking medical marijuana


The state gave a five-year contract to a company that uses RFID chips to track medical marijuana products from growers to final sales.

Bloomberg Philanthropies announces first participants in City Data Alliance


Twenty-two cities have been selected to take part in the inaugural cohort of the Bloomberg Philanthropies City Data Alliance program.

Inside New Jersey’s data-driven content strategy to boost service delivery


The Garden State used data to drive the redesign of how it delivers business services and information about COVID-19.

California sheriff to stop sharing license-plate data after settlement


The Marin County Sheriff's Office agreed to comply with a law that limits what data law enforcement shares with federal immigration agencies.

Port of Long Beach hopes 'Supply Chain Information Highway' will ease shipping woes


The West Coast's second-busiest port hopes a new data-sharing platform will make it easier to move goods through the supply chain.

California to create new 'Office of Data and Innovation' with agency merger


State data chief Joy Bonaguro said the Office of Data and Innovation "will allow each program to leverage the expertise of each group."

California's education data office says it's ready to make data tools


After 18 months of meetings and legal agreements, California's Office of Cradle-to-Career Data says it's ready to build education data tools.