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Arkansas plans to deploy broadband statewide by 2022

by • 2 months ago

Gov. Asa Hutchinson released a plan this week that includes creating a new statewide broadband office charged with connecting all communities with more than 500 residents.

'Whole-of-state' approach on cybersecurity growing in popularity

by • 2 months ago

State IT agencies play an expanding role in coordinating cybersecurity policy all the way down to the lowest levels of government, speakers said at a National Governors Association conference.

North Carolina pumps $9.8 million into rural broadband expansion

by • 2 months ago

Gov. Roy Cooper says the state's expanded funding will bring improved internet access to 9,800 households and 590 businesses.

Cybersecurity policy academy highlights importance of state-local collaboration

by • 3 months ago

Four states that participated in a year-long National Governor's Association program are increasing their efforts to engage local governments on IT security.

Why state CIOs should embrace 'the power of purpose'

by • 3 months ago

Commentary: Chris Estes explains the path he took while serving as North Carolina's CIO, from "uniting around purpose" to digital transformation.

States' spending on election security expected to pick up in 2019

by • 3 months ago

States have only spent a sliver of their federal grant funding so far, but investment is expected to ramp up heading into the next presidential election.

New state CIOs should 'slow down to go fast'

by • 4 months ago

Commentary: North Carolina's former technology secretary and statewide CIO, Chris Estes, tells new IT chiefs how he developed a budget, roadmap and strategy.

Orange County, N.C., recovering from ransomware attack

by • 4 months ago

The county of about 145,000 residents made relatively speedy progress bringing systems back online and did not pay the ransom, the county's CIO said.

North Carolina opens virtual exploration with help from Google's 360-degree backpack cameras

by • 5 months ago

The North Carolina Department of Information Technology is using Google's Trekker program to preserve 360-degree journeys through cultural, natural and historical landmarks.