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Digital government starts with ‘evangelizing’ new ideas

by • 2 days ago

New Hampshire’s CIO says transforming government isn’t about technology, but changing the thought patterns on those who control it.

Mississippi tallying ‘big wins’ in cybersecurity

by • 4 days ago

State CIO Craig Orgeron said new legislation and policy is helping the state mature, but a recent audit shows there’s still room to improve.

Virginia invites tech innovation by keeping its door open

by • 4 days ago

State CIO Nelson Moe said his agency’s created an environment that encourages vendors to share their creative ideas with the commonwealth.

North Carolina’s election-security drills were 2020 preparation

by • 5 days ago

State CIO Eric Boyette said the cross jurisdictional exercises are one piece of an extensive cybersecurity program running throughout the state.

Mississippi audit finds 'disregard' for cybersecurity across state

by • 1 week ago

More than 40 percent of state entities did not bother responding to a required survey about IT and data security practices, the state auditor said.

AI can transform state workforce, says Washington state CIO

by • 1 week ago

State CIO Jim Weaver says he’s using emerging technologies to pull more employees away from operational components of the state’s businesses.

Alleged mobile voting app hack linked to University of Michigan

by • 1 week ago

West Virginia officials reportedly said IP addresses linked to the University of Michigan attempted to access the Voatz app in 2018.

West Virginia navigates ‘complex net’ of enterprise IT systems

by • 2 weeks ago

The state’s chief technology officer says he’s now working to modernize the state’s systems while ensuring complexity is kept manageable. 

As 911 goes digital, security and training pose major challenges

by • 2 weeks ago

Today's aging, analog 911 systems are largely insulated from cyberattacks. But soon they'll be plugged into everything else that gets hacked.