Someone is selling VPN access to a city government in Arizona

by • 16 hours ago

A cybercriminal middleman wants $30,000 for credentials allowing access to a wide range of systems in an unnamed Arizona city, the intelligence firm GroupSense said.

Using modern authentication controls to mitigate fraud risks

by • 17 hours ago

Fraud can quickly drain state and local agency resources. However, with modern authentication controls, CIOs and CISOs can mitigate fraud and security risks.

Mobile phishing against government surged with pandemic telework

by • 1 day ago

One out of 13 state and local government workers experienced a mobile phishing attempt in 2020, according to new research from security firm Lookout.

SASE: A new vision of the security perimeter for enterprise networks

by • 2 days ago

With the bulk of access needs moving off-premise, public sector and higher education leaders should be rethinking security paradigms, say security experts.

New guide on election system supply chains aids risk evaluations

by • 1 week ago

A new report from the Center for Internet Security breaks down the components of various election systems and highlights their potential vulnerabilities to cyberattacks.

Washington state looks to consolidate cybersecurity after data breach

by • 2 weeks ago

A data breach at the state auditor's office is prompting a move away from federated IT security.

Think tank plans to train state lawmakers in cybersecurity

by • 2 weeks ago

The National Cybersecurity Center is planning a 50-state (virtual) tour to help raise awareness of cyber hygiene and threats among legislators.

Ransomware actor 'Aleks' says resentment fueled his career choice

by • 3 weeks ago

Researchers for Cisco's Talos Intelligence Group talked to a user of the LockBit malware, who revealed a few tricks of the trade and why he turned to cybercrime.

State and local cybersecurity is 'ongoing priority' for White House, Biden adviser says

by • 3 weeks ago

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the White House director of intergovernmental affairs, said the administration wants to help states improve their cyber defenses.