MiamiCoin creator says 'every startup city' will get a coin within two years

by • 3 days ago

CityCoins founder Patrick Stanley said he's planning to expand to new locations.

Miami has a new source of income: cryptocurrency

by • 2 weeks ago

Commissioners voted to allow the city to dip into proceeds of the cryptocurrency, which so far total $4.3 million in value.

Nevada's local officials are still skeptical of 'innovation zones'

by • 1 month ago

County officials in Nevada told state legislators they don't want to share governmental authority with tech companies buying large plots of land in the state.

Nevada presses pause on 'innovation zones'

by • 5 months ago

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak said the idea of communities governed by technology companies warrants further public examination before the legislature makes a decision.

Nevada weighs letting tech companies build their own communities

by • 8 months ago

Gov. Steve Sisolak voiced support for legislation allowing emerging-tech companies to develop land where they could assume the power of county governments.

Massachusetts is training local governments on blockchain

by • 1 year ago

In an attempt to kickstart a blockchain industry in Massachusetts, the commonwealth's economic development agency is searching for use cases in its municipal governments.

Colorado names former Oregon CIO Alex Pettit as CTO

by • 2 years ago

Pettit, now helping to lead his third state IT organization, said he's looking forward to discovering how technologies like AI and blockchain can improve citizen services.

Vermont to start using blockchain for cannabis tracking

by • 2 years ago

Since decriminalizing the drug in 2018, state CIO John Quinn says interest in growing licenses has skyrocketed.

Colorado CIO Theresa Szczurek shares her three WIGs

by • 2 years ago

From blockchain to firewall migration, the state’s top technology official is managing a lot. Here are her top three “wildly important goals.”