A blueprint for privacy professionals across state government

On the Priorities Podcast: Utah’s privacy lead Christopher Bramwell on training. New York CIO explains how to boost the state’s cyber posture.

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Each week, the Priorities Podcast will take you through the latest in state and local government technology news and analysis. The program will explore trending stories throughout the week, as well as feature conversations with top executives across government and industry on things like modernization, emerging technology and digital services.

Inside Oregon DOT’s massive system consolidation


On the Priorities Podcast, Oregon DOT innovation lead Ben Kahn explains how his team took 99 legacy systems and merged them into one.

What small city CIOs have in common with big states


On the Priorities podcast, Urbana, Illinois, IT Director Sanford Hess explains his approach to modernization in the central Illinois city.

Cryptocurrency presents new challenges and opportunities for local authorities


Why state and local governments need to pay attention to the evolution of cryptocurrency in their jurisdictions.

A closer look at how Florida is rebuilding IT operations


On the Priorities podcast, Florida CIO James Grant offers his insights on why this iteration of Florida IT might be the right one.

With new CTO, Georgia continues push to cloud


On the Priorities Podcast, Georgia CTO Dmitry Kagansky says “there’s a lot of movement” in the state on cloud migration.

Louisville, Ky., codifies open data portal


On the Priorities podcast, Louisville, Ky., Chief of Civic Innovation Technology Grace Simrall says the city's open data is getting new life.

Taking collaboration to the ‘smart cities’ movement


On the Priorities podcast, Coral Gables, Fla., technology leader Raimundo Roduflo talks about his approach to “smart cities.”

California fights misinformation with COVID-19 chatbot


On the Priorities podcast, two California’s press secretaries weigh in on their fight against COVID-19 misinformation.

Are ransomware attacks really on the downswing? It’s complicated


On the Priorities podcast, Recorded Future’s Allan Liska explains new data that shows a decrease in the number of ransomware attacks against the public sector.

Seattle fund invests in tech education for the incarcerated


On the Priorities podcast, two organizers of the Prison Scholar Fund explain how they’ll use a city grant to advance tech education.