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NYC's latest moonshot challenge targets cybersecurity for small businesses

by Colin Wood • 2 weeks ago

The city discovered in a recent survey that small business owners are aware of cyber threats but are largely unequipped to address them.

New toolkit shows little cities how to buy like big ones

by Jared Beinart • 2 weeks ago

A new online tool developed by The Atlas guides small and midsize cities through "big city" tactics for doing business with the private sector.

Technology vendors want better communication from state government

by Colin Wood • 3 weeks ago

State IT procurement has long been frustrating for both sides, but industry associations are trying to smooth things over.

Smart infrastructure challenge announces winners of $50 million in seed funding

by Benjamin Freed • 3 weeks ago

Consulting firm Venture Smarter announced the prizes at its Smart Regions Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Maine to modernize fingerprinting, criminal history records with federal grant

by Ryan Johnston • 3 weeks ago

Planned upgrades include an automated fingerprinting identification system to be shared by Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Can government's centralized data offices put themselves out of business?

by Benjamin Freed • 3 weeks ago

New York City's former chief data analyst says it could happen if they do their jobs correctly.

Seattle readies UPS 'eBike' pilot to assist urban delivery

by Ryan Johnston • 3 weeks ago

The eBikes, operated by UPS, will work alongside traditional vans as part of an experimental project.

California state lawmaker calls for resignations of DMV, technology directors

by Ryan Johnston • 3 weeks ago

Vince Fong, a Republican state assemblyman, demanded new leadership via a Facebook video this week.

Kentucky's $375,000 CIO defends his first year on the job

by Benjamin Freed • 3 weeks ago

Charles Grindle, whose unusually high salary has become a political controversy, says he's saved the commonwealth millions of dollars.

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