For rural broadband, FCC gives $4.9 billion to small ISPs

Ten years of funding is expected to provide high-speed internet service to 450,000 homes and businesses.

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More identified in Texas ransomware attack as feds urge coordinated response

by • 3 days ago

Cybersecurity professionals, including a DHS official, are calling for coordinated response to attacks against government that are also becoming more organized.

Expect more sophisticated ransomware attacks like Texas, expert says

by • 5 days ago

Hackers are now tweaking their malware to create more attacks against state and local governments, says James Globe of the Center for Internet Security.

Three 5G ideas named semifinalists in D.C. challenge

by • 6 days ago

Three semifinalists will demonstrate their solutions in front of judges on Oct. 2 to determine who wins the $20,000 prize.

Seattle puts $320,000 toward digital literacy

by • 1 week ago

A community newspaper, indigenous artists and a handful of other community groups represent the latest participants in the 22-year-old program.

18 finalists picked in NYC cybersecurity 'moonshot' challenge

by • 1 week ago

Seven finalists will meet with the city's small businesses, while those remaining will compete for a $1 million prize from Jerusalem Venture Partners.

Crowdsourced environment data gets a home on Louisville Data Commons

by • 2 weeks ago

A city-university partnership gives community members and researchers a new place to host data on the environmental and public health.

FirstNet's new 'roadmap' offers preview of network's future

by • 2 weeks ago

Expanding the network's "deployables fleet" and improving in-building coverage fall under six priorities outlined in FirstNet's latest planning document.

Court rejects FCC order bypassing 5G build reviews on tribal lands

by • 2 weeks ago

Telecommunications companies will need to pass environmental and historical reviews before installing wireless equipment, after all.

Next-generation 911 gets $109 million boost

by • 2 weeks ago

Funding authorized in 2012 is now being dispensed to 34 states and territories. But a full nationwide upgrade could require more than $12 billion.

Las Vegas tests new sensors to make one-way streets safer

by • 3 weeks ago

A yearlong pilot with Nevada, Dell and NTT uses infrared and lidar to detect collisions and monitor for cars going the wrong direction on one-way streets.