Sidewalk Labs releases 'Digital Innovation Appendix' to master plan for Toronto neighborhood

Sidewalk Labs, Google's urban-planning sibling, provided more detail on key issues of data storage, data collection and technology integration at its Quayside project.

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People are the key to accelerating tech strategy in today's cities

by • 5 days ago

Commentary: Growing up poor showed Ignite Cities’ George Burciaga that a city’s most valuable asset is people. Technology, he says, should center around them.

San Francisco innovation chief Krista Canellakis steps down

by • 5 days ago

After seven years of projects, often involving connecting government with private-sector expertise, the city's chief innovation officer is moving on.

Seattle's new street construction map reveals hundreds of projects

by • 2 weeks ago

The new interactive tool is designed to help commuters in the fast-growing city get through the next four years of planned downtown renovations.

Managed service providers a growing target for ransomware attackers

by • 2 weeks ago

Organizations that rely on third-party vendors to provide cloud-based services are increasingly at risk of ransomware attacks, according to a new report.

Sidewalk Toronto moves forward after resolutions

by • 2 weeks ago

The city and its Alphabet-owned partner are moving forward on the contentious project after settling resolutions on several longstanding disagreements.

Sidewalk Labs, Waterfront Toronto meet to decide future of project

by • 2 weeks ago

Whether Toronto's controversial Quayside project will continue will be settled in a meeting between city stakeholders and Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs on Thursday.

Flint's 'Beyond Blight' portal wins $75,000 prize

by • 3 weeks ago

The Michigan city has lost half its population since 1960. A digital tool to improve collaboration is helping communities manage their abandoned properties.

Small-city mayor says citizen-centric government is what's 'smart'

by • 3 weeks ago

Eugene Grant, mayor of Seat Pleasant, Maryland, says digital transformation has allowed citizens to be engaged in the day-to-day activities of city operations.

Utilities not watching networks close enough, former officials say

by • 3 weeks ago

Internet-connected devices attached to systems operated by local governments and public utilities aren't given enough attention, two former officials said.

Atlanta CIO worries city employees will forget ransomware attack

by • 3 weeks ago

"We have to tell people this can happen again," said Gary Brantley of the March 2018 ransomware attack on his city.