Global 'smart city' network promises enhanced collaboration

A new institute will enhance collaboration and communication between hundreds of technology-focused city officials from around the world.

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Microsoft, Nextlink partner to expand broadband in six states

by • 2 days ago

Millions in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas are expected to receive improved access to high-speed internet through the new partnership.

Los Angeles announces blockchain pitch competition

by • 3 days ago

"Block Tank LA" will feature four entrepreneurs competing for more than $50,000 and a chance to pilot their ideas with the city.

IBM to host free ransomware exercises for cities

by • 3 days ago

IBM Security will hold three exercises at its Cambridge, Massachusetts, cyber range where local-government officials will respond to simulated cyberattacks.

LA Cyber Lab launches threat platform, mobile app for local businesses

by • 3 days ago

They can't catch zero-day exploits yet, officials say, but the new capabilities should give small and midsize businesses a leg up on cyberthreats.

New York City plots its next decade of open-data projects

by • 3 days ago

In an annual report, the city's open data team chronicles the past year of open-data programs and looks forward to a more open and collaborative future.

'Smart cities' are growing faster than IT officials can secure them

by • 4 days ago

Smart cities offer a lot of "bright, shiny objects," but governments need to make sure their cybersecurity polices keep pace, speakers at a conference said.

New 'Curiosity Lab' for AV testing has real pedestrians, steep roads

by • 7 days ago

The new autonomous vehicle testing track, which is open to the public, offers to researchers obstacles not found on closed-track facilities.

Chicago launches technological transformation council

by • 7 days ago

The new public-private working group, led by a City Council member, aims to help Chicago introduce emerging technologies in cost-effective manners.

One mayor's smart-city vision: No scooters, more surveillance

by • 7 days ago

The mayor of Montgomery, Alabama, says he doesn't want e-scooters, but that he is excited by new law-enforcement technologies.

Public safety data needs a strategy, Atlanta CIO says

by • 1 week ago

Atlanta's recent adoption of gunshot-detection devices means there's even more data the city find ways to share and manage.