New York City launches portal to crowdsource COVID-19 information

The city is trying get a better picture of potential coronavirus exposure. "This will all depend on our New Yorkers signing up," CIO Jessica Tisch said.

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5 ways maps can help communities respond to COVID-19

by • 17 hours ago

Commentary: Esri’s chief medical officer, Dr. Este Geraghty, says maps can aid decision-making and communication for pandemic response.

How Los Angeles suddenly moved 10,000 city workers online

by • 1 day ago

As governments of all sizes struggle to continue operating under the pandemic, CIO Ted Ross said his city's nimble response was actually years in the making.

NLC, Bloomberg Philanthropies launch coronavirus action tracker

by • 4 days ago

Officials from dozens of cities have contributed more than 500 different measures they've taken to respond as the pandemic has reached their communities.

Financially stressed by outbreak, fire departments foray into digital

by • 4 days ago

As one of the slowest industries to adopt new technology, fire departments are now trying new apps and services, chiefs say, as the pandemic stretches resources thin.

Coronavirus delays Toronto's 'smart city' decision

by • 5 days ago

The new coronavirus pandemic has delayed until June 25 a decision on whether Sidewalk Labs will be permitted to build its "smart neighborhood," Quayside, on the city’s eastern lakeshore.

New maps show Los Angeles residents where to find food during pandemic

by • 6 days ago

After a shelter-in-place emergency order last week, a new website from LA Controller Ron Galperin is designed to help people find supermarkets, farmers markets and meal distribution centers.

States spend big on remote-working tech, brace for unemployment

by • 1 week ago

As unemployment claims spike, some governments' systems struggle to keep pace with the heightened load.

Hundreds pledge to help state, local government solve coronavirus challenges

by • 1 week ago

A consortium of technologists and business leaders have formed a coalition called the U.S. Digital Response for COVID-19 to help state and local governments solve challenges on the fly.

Los Angeles launches coronavirus test website

by • 1 week ago

The site, focused at residents believed to be most at risk for the deadly COVID-19 illness, aims to connect vulnerable people to the limited amount of tests.

As cities respond to coronavirus, data chiefs can play key role

by • 2 weeks ago

There are a few ways real-time data could be used to assist policymaking and emergency response, says a former Seattle city official.