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California, Texas slated to benefit most from new FCC broadband fund

by • 3 days ago

An internal analysis of the FCC's new $20.4 billion rural broadband initiative breaks down how many homes and businesses in each state can expect to be connected to high-speed internet.

Wildfire tech, cybersecurity upgrades in California's 2020 budget

by • 5 days ago

Fire officials could get a new intelligence center for data-analysis, as California's security operations center gains a more stable backing.

San Jose's chief innovation officer steps down after four years

by • 1 week ago

After leading tech initiatives that include a $24 million project to close the city's digital divide, Shireen Santosham has taken a position with a vertical farming company.

California's new online dashboard shows who's getting stopped by cops

by • 2 weeks ago

Data from California's eight largest police agencies includes demographics of people stopped on foot and in vehicles and what actions officers took.

Autonomous delivery vehicles to hit California roads in January

by • 4 weeks ago

From pizza to parcels, deliveries in California will soon come by autonomous vehicles that may or may not have someone watching from behind the wheel.

California IT agency faulted in latest audit of budget tool

by • 1 month ago

The latest audit of California's long-gestating FI$Cal platform finds spiraling costs, delayed features and potential risks to the state's credit-worthiness.

New California tech lobby focuses on business with state and local government

by • 1 month ago

Led by former California state official and CompTIA executive Jennifer Saha, TechCA will seek to help industry “be a better partner to government.”

California is building a 'portal of portals' for its data

by • 2 months ago

It's the latest step in the state's effort to simplify its digital services and encourage development of new tools for public safety, public health and beyond.

California DMV data breach shared Social Security information of thousands

by • 2 months ago

About 3,200 residents had their personally identifying information made available to seven other federal and state agencies, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.