How states can stand up reliable contact tracing programs at scale

A new partnership between Okta and allows public partners to quickly and easily deploy a comprehensive contact tracing solution in weeks.
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State and local governments are quickly stepping up efforts to implement contact tracing on an unprecedented scale to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

These programs are proving critical to help public health administration leaders identify the individuals an infected person has been in contact with, in order to contain broader transmission within a community.

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It’s been estimated that the current effort will require more than 100,000 contact tracers, all dialing in remotely and delivering a steady stream of user and contact data that will need to be carefully coordinated on a nearly real-time basis, according to an Okta report.

To help in this effort, Okta and recently partnered to design and deploy a joint program to enable contact tracing programs at scale.

The solution uses modern cloud-based tools to confidently authenticate contact tracing team members using their own devices so that public entities can “stand up contact tracing teams — of employees, contact workers, partners, etc. — quickly and safely,” says the report.

Okta created a single control pane that works with’s wellness surveys, event interaction forms and other guided assessments to gather relevant information in in an intuitive, noninvasive way.

As state and local governments mobilize to meet this unprecedented challenge, this unique partnership is designed to intelligently address barriers to community health and productivity.

The goal, according to the report, is to “accelerate the return of safe conditions that can permit the responsible reopening of businesses and restarting of local economies.”

Learn more about Okta and’s integrated solution for a reliable, scalable contact tracing tool.

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