How modern identity platforms can help states blunt fraudulent claims

by • 2 months ago

Modern identify and access management platforms can prevent bad actors from entering state systems — and streamline citizens’ experience, says a new report.

Tackling identity fraud with modern identity solutions

by • 6 months ago

Okta’s Steve Caimi discusses the push for online citizen services that require state and local agencies to look at the role of identity-proofing for more robust security strategies.

Enhancing the security posture for state and local government

by • 1 year ago

With ransomware attacks on the rise, state and local leaders need to look at modern identity and access management tools to mitigate identity-based security risks.

Identity management improved during pandemic, Iowa officials said

by • 1 year ago

Iowa is in the process of deploying a new identity and access management system that officials said is improving security and efficiency.

Four ingredients to a successful security strategy

by • 1 year ago

It’s critical that public sector security systems and policies can protect against new cyberthreats. What types of attacks are on the rise and can IT leaders do about it?

Using modern authentication controls to mitigate fraud risks

by • 1 year ago

Fraud can quickly drain state and local agency resources. However, with modern authentication controls, CIOs and CISOs can mitigate fraud and security risks.

Using modern identity tools to limit fraud, waste and abuse

by • 1 year ago

Digital services for citizens are increasingly important. By using cloud-based identity tools, agencies can mitigate abuse of funds and help those most in need.

How states can stand up reliable contact tracing programs at scale

by • 1 year ago

A new partnership between Okta and Work.com allows public partners to quickly and easily deploy a comprehensive contact tracing solution in weeks.

Looking beyond COVID-19 to build a digital government

by • 2 years ago

While the pandemic boosted modernization and digital services projects in government, agencies need to leverage that momentum beyond the crisis.