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Law enforcement risks being a captive of its video surveillance data, report warns

by • 5 months ago

Rapid growth of state and local law enforcement video footage calls for newer strategies for storing and analyzing data.

How a California county gained cloud-like benefits in its on-premises infrastructure

by • 5 months ago

San Mateo County’s CIO modernized legacy infrastructure using hyperconverged solutions, streamlining deployment and scaling of its data center resources.

Identity hub strategy key to reducing fraud, report says

by • 5 months ago

As online services grow, agencies need to focus greater attention on identity verification and fraud detection tool sets.

Local governments reduce IT costs with enterprise cloud solutions

by • 7 months ago

Legacy infrastructure is a strain on resources and staff hours, but enterprise cloud can reduce costs and improve performance, according to a new report.

Tips to improve cybersecurity with a data-analytics nerve center

by • 9 months ago

New report shows how coordinated, data-driven security platforms can help state IT leaders fortify cybersecurity defense against potential threats.

Agile integration in infrastructure improves modernization efforts, report says

by • 12 months ago

Agile experts explain how agencies adopting a distributed architecture framework can better position themselves to adapt to changes in technology.

Experts defend agile methodology as best protection from digital disruptions

by • 12 months ago

Why agile integration is an essential step to improving application architecture and managing the exponential increase of endpoints and user interfaces.

Four-point plan highlights how central logging can improve cyber-resilience

by • 1 year ago

Report urges agencies to look beyond traditional security technologies and capture four key sets of data to improve their overall security posture.

How Denver integrates automation into HR processes

by • 1 year ago

With the help of software vendor Workday, the City and County of Denver is streamlining HR processes and increasing workforce productivity.