contact tracing

Virginia launches first statewide contact tracing app using Apple-Google platform

by • 2 days ago

The Covidwise app, which runs on the tech giants' Bluetooth-based API, is being made available to all Virginia residents, Gov. Ralph Northam said.

Alabama launches contact tracing app based on Google-Apple API

by • 4 days ago

The app will be targeted at students returning to the state's college campuses. Meanwhile Google says as many as 20 states are developing apps based on the API.

Privacy concerns have states taking it slow on contact tracing apps

by • 3 weeks ago

Some states have built contact tracing apps, but a decades-old manual process is the norm in most places as officials address widespread privacy concerns.

Kansas' new coronavirus bill puts privacy limits on contact tracing

by • 2 months ago

An emergency bill makes compliance voluntary and bans the use of mobile location data to track the identity or movements of the state's COVID-19 patients.

Arkansas governor creates board to review COVID-19 tracing tech

by • 2 months ago

The 12-member board includes health and IT officials, and will be responsible for reviewing technologies the state may use to track the coronavirus.

Maryland wants to perfect 'classic' contact tracing before launching apps

by • 3 months ago

The state's 1,400 contact tracers will use a combination of cloud platforms, text alerts and old-fashioned phone calls to track the spread of COVID-19.

Three states sign up for new Apple-Google contact tracing API

by • 3 months ago

North Dakota, Alabama and South Carolina are the first states to say they'll use the tech rivals' platform to track the spread of the coronavirus.

Washington state's new restaurant regulations put diner data on the menu

by • 3 months ago

Restaurants able to reopen for table service will be required to store diners' names and phone numbers as part of Washington's COVID-19 contact-tracing efforts.

States scramble to repair unemployment systems, build public-health apps

by • 4 months ago

States are rushing to develop new apps and bolster aging IT systems suddenly straining under record numbers of Americans filing for unemployment benefits.