FirstNet publishes guiding investment principles

The FirstNet board established a set of principles for investments into the network, signaling an intention to build a roadmap to guide future improvements.

state news

New state CIOs should 'slow down to go fast'

by • 3 days ago

Commentary: North Carolina's former technology secretary and statewide CIO, Chris Estes, tells new IT chiefs how he developed a budget, roadmap and strategy.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee dedicates $35 million to rural broadband

by • 3 days ago

The investment is the latest in a string of large budget allocations from governors in recent months.

Los Angeles ditches mainframe for California's data center

by • 4 days ago

The city has signed a three-year $10.5 million deal that officials say will free it from legacy infrastructure that is weighing down progress.

Nevada lawmaker proposes controversial 'textalyzer' bill

by • 5 days ago

The bill would allow police officers to use a device to determine whether a driver was using a mobile phone at the time of a collision.

Former Virginia technology secretary's appointment to state board could lead to more drones

by • 6 days ago

Karen Jackson has been appointed to Virginia's emergency management and homeland security advisory panel.

Colorado considers blockchain for agricultural supply chain

by • 6 days ago

A new bill in the state legislature would create an advisory group to look at distributed-ledger technology in managing farms and the food supply.

Computer error briefly gives 66,700 Louisianans double tax refunds

by • 1 week ago

The duplicate payments totaled $26 million. But officials have fixed the program that controls tax refunds and are now recouping the wayward funds.

Kentucky Senate declines to vote on bill lowering CIO's salary

by • 1 week ago

Charles Grindle will remain the country's highest-paid state CIO after the Kentucky Senate declined to vote on a bill reducing his $375,000 salary.

Kamala Harris proposes giving states and localities funds for digital services

by • 1 week ago

A new bill from the California senator would fund digital service teams modeled after the White House's U.S. Digital Service agency.

Utah to shut down its innovation incubator

by • 1 week ago

As state lawmakers approve closure of the Utah Science, Technology and Research Initiative, governors in other states plan new ways to innovate.

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