Alabama launches statewide credential registry

Alabama launched a statewide credential registry to allow employers and schools to verify the value of different certifications in the state.

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Why government technologists love the Domino's pizza tracker

by • 18 hours ago

The ubiquitous pizza chain's customer-service app has become a model for state governments seeking to improve their digital services.

Bad digital services can damage public trust, Deloitte study finds

by • 19 hours ago

Agencies that faltered online during the pandemic — such as unemployment insurance — achieved the lowest trust scores with the public.

North Carolina is preparing for a $1 billion broadband push

by • 23 hours ago

Officials said to allocate the funding effectively, they'll need more-accurate data.

$10B for next-generation 911 in budget package looks promising, experts say

by • 2 days ago

“We’re happy with how the language looks now," said Dan Henry, regulatory counsel for the National Emergency Number Association.

North Dakota CISO Kevin Ford to take lead cyber role with Esri

by • 3 days ago

North Dakota CIO Shawn Riley credited Ford for his role in a cybersecurity consolidation process that's included nearly every part of the state's public sector.

North Dakota IT audit to include review of election tech

by • 1 week ago

State Auditor Joshua Gallion said the routine technology audit will not be like the recent ballot reviews seen in Arizona and other states.

‘No turning back’ to pre-pandemic IT, Delaware CIO says

by • 1 week ago

The expectations of the public and other government agencies have grown greatly during the health crisis, Delaware CIO Jason Clarke said.

Identity is 'critical' for digital transformation, Arizona strategy chief says

by • 1 week ago

Arizona Chief Strategy Officer Doug Lange said that user identity management has been a core component of the state's broader modernization plan.

State IT officials say they're getting 'fair share' of relief funds

by • 1 week ago

Equipping remote workforces, improving network security and expanding broadband are among the top uses of the funding so far.

3 myths about moving to the cloud and how to think about them

by • 1 week ago

U.S. State Department cloud director Brian Merrick and Splunk’s chief public sector strategy advisor Juliana Vida discuss how to address common misperceptions about cloud migrations.