Sectors unite to discover smarter government at U.S. Data Innovation Day 2017

The free event will explore how technology can "improve quality of life and transform how government operates."

To drive data innovation and build smarter communities, public and private agencies rely on the support and action of policymakers. But, tech initiatives aren’t always cohesive between the two groups.

On Dec. 5, the Center for Data Innovation will host U.S. Data Innovation Day 2017 — a forum for open dialogue between public and private sector leaders about how data and technology can transform government and the necessary steps policymakers should take to facilitate these changes. 

The event, which is sponsored by StateScoop, will feature three panels, in which industry experts will discuss building smart communities, using AI to automate government, and establishing government as a digital leader.

Daniel Castro, director of the Center for Data Innovation, an initiative of Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, noted the importance of this event as a medium for shifting public discussion.


“Many policymakers are talking about how to avoid the potential risks of new technologies, but few are talking about how to actually maximize their benefits,” said Castro. “This event will bring together experts from the public and private sectors working on developing and deploying technologies that can significantly improve quality of life and transform how government operates for the better.”

U.S. Data Innovation Day 2017 will also explore the key findings of a recent report published by the Center — How National Governments Can Help Smart Cities Succeed — which identifies the primary challenges that limit the development of smart cities and outlines the solutions that national governments can implement to overcome them.

“Government has a reputation for being risk averse and dragging its feet when it comes to new technologies,” Castro said. “By educating government officials and policymakers about the value of these technologies and convening experts with the know-how to implement these technologies effectively, this event can help make government more innovation-friendly and establish it as a digital leader. We’d like to reach a point someday where government is a digital leader.”

Registration for U.S. Data Innovation Day 2017 is free, and those unable to attend the event in Washington D.C. will be able to enjoy live streamed coverage on the event page.

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