Time for federal government to boost smart cities again, tech group says

by • 11 months ago

A new report from an IT think tank found that federal support for "smart-city" efforts stalled under the Trump administration.

Almost all state websites fall short somewhere, report finds

by • 3 years ago

Whether it's security, accessibility, speed, or all three, a new study by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation shows that states have more work to do to improve their online presences.

Digital Transformation Exchange opens to share best ideas in government tech

by • 4 years ago

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation is positioning a new website as the go-to spot for state and local governments looking for best practices and case studies.

Sectors unite to discover smarter government at U.S. Data Innovation Day 2017

by • 4 years ago

The free event will explore how technology can "improve quality of life and transform how government operates."

States must focus on technology in 'the new economy,' report says

by • 4 years ago

The latest version of a recurring index includes a ranking of all 50 state technology economies — topped by Massachusetts — and encourages diligent promotion of innovation by government officials.

One San Francisco official’s war on R2-D2

by • 4 years ago

Commentary: Research Analyst Alan McQuinn examines a recent controversy to argue that hasty policymaking around emerging technologies is self-defeating.

Shared services, acccessibility sprout smarter cities

by • 5 years ago

A panel of government, academic and industry leaders reviewed the crucial ingredients baked into today's smart cities.

State CIOs drawn into drone privacy debate

by • 7 years ago

As Americans grow increasingly concerned about their privacy, some states are considering legislation to restrict the use of drones due to privacy concerns.