Data & Analytics

Zencity acquires analytics firm Elucd for broader sentiment analysis

by • 1 month ago

Zencity, the Israeli software firm used by local governments, has acquired an analytics and polling firm to expand its repertoire.

How GIS helps state governments share, drive efficiency

by • 2 months ago

Through the inherent visualization present in geospatial data, the use of GIS in state government decision-making is crucial for better services.

From the CISO’s desk: building a stronger cybersecurity posture

by • 8 months ago

The New Jersey Courts were prepared to pivot quickly when the coronavirus hit, thanks to efforts to build a comprehensive cybersecurity framework.

Data on pace to dominate GIS in 2020, experts say

by • 1 year ago

Three geospatial information systems experts say data science and data analytics will play a bigger role this year.

Advancing multi-vendor IT model tops priorities, Virginia CIO says

by • 1 year ago

The state is moving its data center and hiring new staff, but maturing its new IT sourcing model takes priority, says Virginia CIO Nelson Moe.

Grow beyond the transactional mindset, Maine CIO urges

by • 1 year ago

Leaders in state government should be owning the outcomes affecting the public, state CIO Fred Brittain says.

‘Intentionality’ key to service delivery in Minnesota, CIO says

by • 1 year ago

Minnesota CIO Tarek Tomes says his secret to effective service delivery is in deliberate planning and adjustment in service of a greater mission.

States look to 'citizen as a platform' for data management

by • 2 years ago

Whether calling it ‘citizen as a platform’ or ‘my government, my way,’ states are rethinking data management, putting the citizen at the center.

Minnesota kicks off data-analytics pilot to reduce traffic congestion

by • 2 years ago

The one-year program will use data collected from devices aboard vehicles to monitor traffic congestion statewide — particularly in rural areas.