Lindsay McKenzie


New York State Assembly mulls ban on targeted mobile advertising in abortion clinics

by Lindsay McKenzie • 16 hours ago

A new bill in New York State would make it illegal for mobile advertisers to target people who visit reproductive health clinics.

County & Local

Immigration advocacy groups sue LexisNexis in Illinois for selling data to ICE

by Lindsay McKenzie • 20 hours ago

LexisNexis was sued by immigration advocacy groups over the sale of personal data to law enforcement agencies, including ICE.


How a Seattle-area school district recovered from a ransomware attack

by Lindsay McKenzie • 2 days ago

Network administrators from the Northshore School District, outside Seattle, shared how the district recovered from a 2019 ransomware attack.


Free Wi-Fi rolled out to 40,000 Fort Worth residents

by Lindsay McKenzie • 2 days ago

Using existing wired internet, Fort Worth has boosted free Wi-Fi access to residents in five underserved neighborhoods


Parking apps pushed by cities with broken parking meters

by Lindsay McKenzie • 1 week ago

Syracuse, N.Y. is the latest city to promote parking apps amid growing frustration with aging and unreliable parking meters.

Data & Analytics

Houston launches financial transparency initiative 

by Lindsay McKenzie • 2 weeks ago

Houston, we have open budget data!