Some U.S. governments considering citywide surveillance systems

There are new tools coming to monitor the public across large populations and at least a few government agencies have reportedly expressed interest.

New products to monitor public behavior across entire cities will soon come to market, CyberScoop reported on Monday.

Israeli company Jenovice Cyber Labs has built a product for law enforcement and intelligence agencies called Metropolink that is billed as an “autonomous” surveillance system that can monitor an entire metropolitan area — it can locate, list, map, track, analyze and visualize all Wi-Fi networks and identities across any environment.

Some security experts are saying the technology is reminiscent of Snoopy, a 2012 research project from Glenn Wilkinson and Daniel Cuthbert designed to steal data from mobile devices by imitating Wi-Fi networks and intercepting data traffic.

Several government organizations in the U.S. have expressed interest in building and deploying large-scale surveillance systems using this type of technology, sources told CyberScoop.


For more, read Patrick Howell O’Neill’s story on CyberScoop.

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