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FirstNet approves $82 million budget for 2020

by • 5 days ago

The budget also includes $82 million in reserve funding and $145 million in network reinvestment.

Three 5G ideas named semifinalists in D.C. challenge

by • 6 days ago

Three semifinalists will demonstrate their solutions in front of judges on Oct. 2 to determine who wins the $20,000 prize.

FirstNet's new 'roadmap' offers preview of network's future

by • 2 weeks ago

Expanding the network's "deployables fleet" and improving in-building coverage fall under six priorities outlined in FirstNet's latest planning document.

Next-generation 911 gets $109 million boost

by • 2 weeks ago

Funding authorized in 2012 is now being dispensed to 34 states and territories. But a full nationwide upgrade could require more than $12 billion.

Oklahoma latest to buy mobile 'panic buttons' for schools

by • 2 weeks ago

The state is spending $3 million to outfit more than 500 districts with mobile public safety tech used in a growing number of schools around the country.

California has a new plan to upgrade 911

by • 3 weeks ago

After years of false starts, Gov. Gavin Newsom says the state could now be getting the support it needs to deploy the next generation of 911 technologies.

How can government build public trust around facial recognition technology?

by • 1 month ago

Facial recognition is here to stay, but gaining the trust of those unfamiliar with the technology will be crucial for public safety agencies across the country.

New crime-data dashboard illuminates trends in Cook County, Ill.

by • 1 month ago

The tool's creators are hopeful more detailed information on regional felony cases will inform smarter policy in the nation's second-largest county.

How Smart Columbus is advancing city transportation tech

by • 1 month ago

Commentary: Jordan Davis, a director at the Columbus Partnership, shares how the Ohio capital is making the most of its $570 million experiment.