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Vermont calls for AI 'code of ethics'

by • 2 days ago

A state task force that published a report this week says the state's policy work could also be used by other states navigating the emerging ethical minefield that is artificial intelligence.

California's new online dashboard shows who's getting stopped by cops

by • 2 weeks ago

Data from California's eight largest police agencies includes demographics of people stopped on foot and in vehicles and what actions officers took.

Mississippi state government doesn’t have cybersecurity roles — yet

by • 3 weeks ago

Mississippi CIO Craig Orgeron says the state is currently revamping its IT job classifications to match the modern technology landscape.

Business and IT communication 'very, very critical,' state CIO says

by • 2 months ago

Massachusetts CIO Curtis Wood says his experience in public safety taught him the importance of technologists paying attention to the action on the ground.

Next-generation 911 promises 'explosive' challenges, state CIO says

by • 2 months ago

Wisconsin CIO David Cagigal says the introduction of digital networks into 911 call centers is presenting public safety officials with unfamiliar technologies.

Next-generation 911 standards pact coaxes international cooperation

by • 2 months ago

Groups from North America and Europe have agreed to use similar standards, which could mean better interoperability and coordination of research.

Houston partners with Microsoft to improve school safety with sensors

by • 2 months ago

The city's deputy CIO says projects powered by environmental sensors like one in Aldine ISD could enable Houston to become "the smartest city in the world."

How mapping tools are improving school safety in North Carolina

by • 2 months ago

Applications for risk management planning and mapping are helping state officials coordinate with school administrators and better understand their facilities.

California CIO says wildfires website launched 'in record time'

by • 3 months ago

As the state's technology agency dials in to daily meetings for emergency response for fires and power outages, Amy Tong says her role remains one of support.