Using modern identity tools to limit fraud, waste and abuse

Digital services for citizens are increasingly important. By using cloud-based identity tools, agencies can mitigate abuse of funds and help those most in need.
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As more government organizations move their citizen services to mobile and cloud-based platforms, ensuring the validity of those benefits claims is more important than ever.


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Many agencies are adopting an identity-centric security model as a framework for prevention of risk and fraud, according to a new brief from Okta. The guide explains how agencies can leverage modern cloud-based identity tools to establish trust.

The benefit of modern identity and access applications is that access starts trust and continues to use contextual information to establish trust with each interaction, according to the brief. By using dynamic security policies, the system can build context around identity and greatly reduce fraud at registration, authentication and transaction with the organization.

There are several ways an organization can enforce strong authentication, using Okta’s cloud-based solution. This includes two-factor and multifactor authentication such as SMS, one-time passwords, physical tokens and biometric identification.

“Security should be an enabler, not a blocker forcing users to hop around to different networks or enter different passwords,” the brief says.

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