Tyler Technologies expands insurance filing software to more four states

Tyler Technologies boasts that its "cloud fax" feature helps with interoperability across jurisdictions.
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Tyler Technologies, a major software provider to the public sector, announced Tuesday that it will expand its suite of insurance-filing software to Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island and West Virginia, joining 23 other states that already use the company’s system.

As part of its proof-of-insurance filing toolkit, Tyler’s software uses internet faxing, or “cloud faxing,” to manage and file common required insurance forms, such as commercial, personal and state-specific documents.

Cloud faxing allows the states that accept commercial insurance filings by email, fax, mail or another state-managed online system, but do not partner with Tyler, to receive fax materials from the 23 states that already use the company’s filing system.

Collaboration between states can sometimes present challenges when software integration is not an option, similar to the obstacles Apple device owners encounter when sharing media with Android users. The two devices can send media files with other devices that run on their respective operating systems, but it’s sometimes difficult to share files across platforms.


Tyler advertises that its cloud faxing feature will allow more file accessibility between states that use a different insurance-filing software, without distorting the files.

“This new cloud fax capability brings greater access to insurance companies to file important proof of insurance forms in an easy-to-use and convenient manner,” Helen Russell, general manager in Tyler Technologies’ digital solutions division, said about the announcement.

Based in Plano, Texas, Tyler Technologies claims to provide software to thousands of state and local government agencies, in all 50 states, across sectors including court management, state parks and public safety, supporting cities, counties, schools and other government organizations.

Sophia Fox-Sowell

Written by Sophia Fox-Sowell

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