Digital Services

Kansas City, Kansas, adds digital services as health crisis closes offices

by • 3 months ago

The city expanded its mobile app to keep residents connected to government services while physical offices are closed

New York State launches digital services office

by • 4 months ago

The New York State Digital Service will recruit cohorts of mid-career professionals in 18-month tours to improve government's digital services.

Kentucky launches website to help felons regain voting rights

by • 4 months ago

The new site is aimed at more than 152,000 people who had their voting rights restored through an executive order by Gov. Andy Beshear.

NYC lawmakers propose new agency to boost digital services

by • 4 months ago

A new "Office of Technology and Digital Services" would post technologists in every city agency to develop open-source applications and tools for city services.

Great user experience starts with understanding customers, says Colorado CIO

by • 5 months ago

Long before anyone consumes a service or downloads an app, government needs to understand what people want and need, says Colorado CIO Theresa Szczurek.

State CIOs strive to craft unified, simple user experiences

by • 5 months ago

States are designing citizen experience not defined by bureaucratic boundaries, but with ease of access and convenience in mind.

For a 'golden' user experience, digital services need GIS

by • 5 months ago

NSGIC President Karen Rogers says GIS is not only essential for user experience, but it pervades nearly all data government touches.

How Colorado turned an idea into a real digital services agency

by • 5 months ago

Colorado Digital Service director Kelly Taylor reflects on the organization's first months and explains its "therapeutic" workforce-marketing strategy.

Georgia pilots new user-centric website

by • 7 months ago

Users don't care how state agencies function, says the state's chief digital officer, only that they get they can find the critical information they need.