IT Modernization

'Programming error' led Wisconsin to overpay $21.2 million in unemployment benefits

by • 3 weeks ago

The state has reclaimed most of the accidental payments and is now seeking to distribute funds to residents who've been underpaid by the faulty system.

Government's technology officials step out from 'behind the curtain'

by • 1 month ago

Technology officials said they believe the next 10 years of government IT will be marked by a more integrated environment in which their expertise is brought to the fore.

What will the next decade of government technology look like?

by • 1 month ago

Former Palo Alto, California, CIO Jonathan Reichental said he wants to "make things better." From AI to the cloud, these are the technologies he thinks can make that happen.

Pandemic kindled 'newfound interest' in government's IT modernization project

by • 1 month ago

Google executive Todd Schroeder said recent successes rapidly upgrading legacy systems in state and local government will have a lasting effect on the mindsets of IT leaders.

Hawaii's latest digitization project was well-timed for the pandemic

by • 2 months ago

A new time and leave system replaces 40-year-old paper processes in Hawaii, where state CIO Douglas Murdock said many employees continue to work from home.

States' rushed IT upgrades spark data leaks, transparency concerns

by • 3 months ago

The pandemic is forcing states to accelerate upgrades to critical IT systems, which in turn is compromising personal data and upending normal procurement steps.

Despite old mainframe, Oklahoma's unemployment system holding up

by • 3 months ago

Oklahoma officials said they didn't have time to replace the 1980s-era mainframe that its unemployment system relies on, but they were able to layer in cloud-based software to streamline claims approvals.

Former 18F staffers create 'State Software Collaborative'

by • 3 months ago

Robin Carnahan and Waldo Jaquith want states to stop "reinventing the wheel" with each new technology procurement and instead work together to create software they can share.

State unemployment systems are still struggling

by • 3 months ago

Governors continue to apologize for computer systems that continue to have new problems as the pandemic wears on.