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Work on Minnesota's new vehicle licensing system is (mostly) going OK

by • 2 weeks ago

The $52 million project to replace the failure known as MNLARS appears to be progressing on-time and under budget, but auditors are already raising concerns.

Identity management ‘foundational’ for service delivery, Washington CIO says

by • 3 months ago

Residents don’t want to juggle various identities and hop around government websites online, says state CIO Jim Weaver.

Montana considering new phase of IT consolidation, CIO says

by • 4 months ago

State CIO Tim Bottenfield said infrastructure consolidation is complete and now officials are now looking at applications and people.

Missouri CIO says creativity is needed to address workforce challenges

by • 4 months ago

With not enough funding for new positions or training to keep up with technological changes, state CIO Mike Cheles encourages new tactics.

Delaware IT agency elevates partnerships by embedding staff

by • 4 months ago

State CIO James Collins said he places customer engagement officials in each partner agency to improve how they work together.

You can’t afford not to modernize IT, says Tennessee CIO

by • 4 months ago

Understanding the risk environment and taking an inventory is the critical starting point for state information technology upgrades, said Stephanie Dedmon.

Utah considering blockchain for vehicle title transfers

by • 5 months ago

State CIO Mike Hussey said the distributed-ledger technology can reduce time wasted by shuttling documents to and from the bank.

In New Jersey, data privacy starts with basic education

by • 5 months ago

The state’s chief data and privacy officer says she’s doing a lot with privacy, but keeping data private starts with educating staff on the fundamentals.

Data, customers key to state IT modernization in Maryland

by • 5 months ago

Before upgrading the state's legacy systems, says Maryland's technology secretary, he must first understand the businesses and how they overlap or differ.