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Auditor's report uncovers the decade that ruined Minnesota's licensing and registration system

by • 1 day ago

A report from the legislative auditor's office blames the struggling $100 million system on an amorphous band of public safety and IT department leaders.

How Pennsylvania is taking tech modernization 'to a new level'

by • 2 weeks ago

Through use of the state's data stores and building new relationships, Pennsylvania CIO John MacMillan says agencies are finding value.

Wyoming puts 'huge' focus on hosted mainframe upgrade

by • 4 weeks ago

Wyoming Chief Technology Officer Dan Young says the state can no longer find the workforce to support its legacy infrastructure.

How agencies ensure software containers don’t add complexity

by • 2 months ago

Government agencies using software containers and APIs will be able to transition to the cloud in a distributed IT environment more efficiently, experts say in a new podcast.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown appoints statewide CIO

by • 3 months ago

Terrence Woods, who has spent the last eight months as the state's acting CIO, has been named the permanent replacement to Alex Pettit, who quit in February.

How state agencies can streamline users' online experience using IAM

by • 3 months ago

A modern identity and access management platform plays a central role in the overhaul of the Texas.gov portal.

$85 million in Medicaid errors? Louisiana Health Dept. says new system will help

by • 3 months ago

The department says a $70 million system built by Deloitte will integrate new data that can be used to ensure wages are verified quarterly.

Agile integration in infrastructure improves modernization efforts, report says

by • 5 months ago

Agile experts explain how agencies adopting a distributed architecture framework can better position themselves to adapt to changes in technology.

Identity, access tools essential to IT security, but states lag on implementation

by • 7 months ago

State and local government officials in a new survey foresee identity and access management tools addressing a multitude of IT issues, but fewer than one-third have the tools in place.

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