New York City thinking about Wi-Fi on subways


Could wi-fi be coming to New York City subways? Maybe.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Thomas Prendergast said on Wednesday that transit officials hope to add Wi-Fi and cellphone service aboard moving trains, according to the New York Times.

While the city has Wi-Fi service available at some stations, it does not aboard moving trains and cell phone service is widely unavailable that far underground. Adding the service, Prendergast said comes in response to public demand, especially from younger riders.

“It is one of the features that the X’ers and the Y’ers and the millennials consider an expectation or an entitlement, not a luxury,” Prendergast said at a meeting was hosted by the Citizens Budget Commission.


That’s as far as Prendergast would go, though, not saying anything about a possible timetable, where it would be available and how it would be financed.

He did admit, however, that it’s a logical evolution.

“Every time you provide Wi-Fi to a greater degree, they want to go to the next level,” he said. “That would be the next frontier. Exactly when, can’t say.”

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