San Antonio

Cities are getting better at reading between the numbers

by • 3 months ago

Cities have never been more focused on data, and they're using new approaches — from data academies to project-based learning — to ramp up their efforts.

San Antonio is getting serious about data governance

by • 8 months ago

The city adopted a new data governance model in an effort to establish clear, long-term data-sharing and use policies throughout the city.

As pandemic unfolded, local governments turned to projects new and old

by • 1 year ago

Winners of the 2020 LocalSmart awards for IT projects say the pandemic accelerated some efforts, and leaned on the success of others already underway.

San Antonio's civic tech residency program announces new challenges

by • 1 year ago

San Antonio's CivTechSA will host two pitch competitions for K-12 students and college students this year to expand the city's technology workforce.

New software helps government fight COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

by • 1 year ago

New software from Granicus helps state and local agencies measure the efficacy of digital campaigns that encourage residents to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Pandemic showed local IT digital transformation work ‘paid off’

by • 1 year ago

Local IT leaders who won 2020 LocalSmart Awards said the pandemic proved the importance of the work IT offices had been emphasizing for the last decade.

Cities are just getting started with COVID-19 engagement

by • 1 year ago

The health crisis has forced city officials to completely rethink they connect to their constituents, and to start experimenting with new engagement strategies.

Communities close digital divide through racial, socioeconomic analysis

by • 2 years ago

Officials said approaching the digital divide through racial and socioeconomic lenses enables more meaningful and efficient uses of city resources.

How do cities pay for new technology? Not always with money.

by • 2 years ago

Creative partnerships with local startups allow some city innovation offices to fund new pilot projects when they're short on cash.