San Antonio

How do cities pay for new technology? Not always with money.

by • 2 weeks ago

Creative partnerships with local startups allow some city innovation offices to fund new pilot projects when they're short on cash.

San Antonio's R&D League to tackle public health, environment

by • 1 month ago

Next month's two-day event is expected to connect the general public with organizations interested in developing unique ideas to problems ranging from digital access to housing.

San Antonio looks to eliminate bias within 'smart city' planning

by • 1 month ago

City officials want to make their annual community surveys more accessible to non-English speakers and other residents who may be excluded from them.

Cities are upgrading their council meetings for remote participation

by • 2 months ago

More people want to participate in city council meetings during the pandemic and some cities are making the needed upgrades to support the demand.

Coronavirus response is more culture than technology, says one CIO

by • 3 months ago

Maintaining a positive and agile IT culture is at least as important as the technologies that officials oversee, said San Antonio's Craig Hopkins.

San Antonio's chief innovation officer leaves for role with local water utility

by • 2 years ago

Appointed in March 2016, Jose De La Cruz has overseen San Antonio's smart-city initiatives including automated traffic management programs and a mobile app for 311 service requests.

San Antonio's new 311 app boasts 90 percent success rate so far, developer says

by • 2 years ago

The new app, which launched in August, uses social media and a game-like environment to encourage residents to report issues.

San Antonio announces innovation zones, a proving ground for smart city tech

by • 2 years ago

Three recently selected areas of the city will allow officials to test how new technologies perform on a small scale before seeking potential citywide projects.

San Antonio innovation office opens residency program

by • 3 years ago

Tech startups and organization can now apply for a 16-week program that challenges technologists to devise solutions for seven department challenges.