North Dakota tackles cybersecurity workforce shortage with K-12 partnership

State CIO Shawn Riley says a new partnership with a national educational resources program is how his state will "lead the way" as states seek to attract and retain top IT talent.
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A division of North Dakota’s statewide technology agency has announced a new partnership that will bring cybersecurity teaching educational materials to educators throughout the state.

Formed late last month, the partnership between the North Dakota Information Technology Department’s EduCause office and the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center is the first of its kind. While the national program funded by the Department of Homeland Security has worked with teachers on a per-school basis, this partnership is the first to approach its cybersecurity education mission on a statewide level.

State Chief Information Officer Shawn Riley, said the partnership, which is intended to prepare K-12 students for “a 21st century workforce,” is being designed for adoption by other states.

“We know we can’t solve the workforce issue all by our little lonesome,” Riley said. “It’ll take the entire country, but there’s no reason we can’t lead the way.”


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Colin Wood

Written by Colin Wood

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