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North Dakota announces cyber capture-the-flag event for students

by • 3 days ago

To attract more students to careers in cybersecurity, the statewide technology bureau is helping to organize a competition that coincides with the military's esports event.

North Dakota's building a cybersecurity operations center — and everyone's invited

by • 2 months ago

Technology officials are compiling technologies and forming relationships across state boundaries to build a unified defense against cyberattacks.

North Dakota's CIO wants to automate 20 percent of state government

by • 3 months ago

North Dakota CIO Shawn Riley says that by boosting efficiency through the use of technology, the state is "improving lives and inspiring success."

North Dakota names new CISO to lead state's broad cyber operations

by • 4 months ago

The state's technology department announced it's hired Kevin Ford, currently the CISO of a risk-management firm, as it implements a "whole-of-state" approach to cybersecurity.

Web platform, media database drive citizen engagement in North Dakota

by • 4 months ago

Gov. Doug Burgum has announced two state projects that are reportedly saving the state $1 million and improving online experiences for residents.

North Dakota appoints new ‘chief reinvention officer’

by • 5 months ago

Kevin Parker, formerly with the Illinois and Rhode Island state technology offices, will now fill one of the newer designations in North Dakota.

States look to 'citizen as a platform' for data management

by • 6 months ago

Whether calling it ‘citizen as a platform’ or ‘my government, my way,’ states are rethinking data management, putting the citizen at the center.

North Dakota auditor claims state IT division lost more than 200 devices

by • 8 months ago

But the technology office chalks up the "unlocated assets" to recordkeeping quirks.

'Whole-of-state' approach on cybersecurity growing in popularity

by • 10 months ago

State IT agencies play an expanding role in coordinating cybersecurity policy all the way down to the lowest levels of government, speakers said at a National Governors Association conference.