North Dakota

Three states sign up for new Apple-Google contact tracing API

by • 2 weeks ago

North Dakota, Alabama and South Carolina are the first states to say they'll use the tech rivals' platform to track the spread of the coronavirus.

North Dakota government fiber provider hit by ransomware

by • 4 weeks ago

Dakota Carrier Network, which supports the state's government broadband network, was the victim of an attack that exposed files including a photo of a rock icon.

North Dakota organizes 3D printer owners to make face shields

by • 1 month ago

North Dakota partnered with a local science museum to harness the public's "high-tech equipment and innovative solutions" and coordinate resources.

Pandemic put states' digital modernization efforts in the spotlight

by • 1 month ago

CIOs' aspirations to improve government services and automate workflows are suddenly being tested by a global health crisis few were prepared to face.

Coronavirus tests states' cybersecurity, IT supply chains

by • 3 months ago

With governors around the country ordering their workforces to perform duties remotely, CIOs face new logistical problems.

North Dakota creates 'chief customer success officer' role

by • 3 months ago

The unique new position is the latest attempt by a state IT bureau to ensure a successful bridge between technology and government's many lines of business.

North Dakota announces cyber capture-the-flag event for students

by • 3 months ago

To attract more students to careers in cybersecurity, the statewide technology bureau is helping to organize a competition that coincides with the military's esports event.

North Dakota's building a cybersecurity operations center — and everyone's invited

by • 5 months ago

Technology officials are compiling technologies and forming relationships across state boundaries to build a unified defense against cyberattacks.

North Dakota's CIO wants to automate 20 percent of state government

by • 6 months ago

North Dakota CIO Shawn Riley says that by boosting efficiency through the use of technology, the state is "improving lives and inspiring success."