10. Colorado Digital Service

Location: Denver, Colorado


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced last year that his state would launch a digital services agency modeled after many of those that came before it, adopting a recruitment model pioneered by the U.S. Digital Service, the White House unit that recruits programmers and designers for one- or two-year stints to use their skills making federal agencies more user-friendly. Heading up Colorado’s service is USDS veteran Kelly Taylor, who helped convince Polis that such an agency was worth the trouble of creating. So far, Taylor’s said he’s garnered a lot of interest for a team that will probably top out at seven people. “[Colorado’s] a place where the lifestyle is first for many people,” he said. “But this idea of giving back to a state they want to move to is super powerful.” You can read StateScoop technology editor Benjamin Freed’s interview with Taylor for more detail on how the Colorado Digital Service began and where the unique agency is thought to be headed next.


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