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Now 10 years old, Code for America hopes for government to walk alone

by • 1 year ago

After a decade of challenging conventional wisdom, now-former CEO Jen Pahlka says more calls for change will begin cropping up from within government itself.

Great user experience starts with understanding customers, says Colorado CIO

by • 1 year ago

Long before anyone consumes a service or downloads an app, government needs to understand what people want and need, says Colorado CIO Theresa Szczurek.

State CIOs strive to craft unified, simple user experiences

by • 1 year ago

States are designing citizen experience not defined by bureaucratic boundaries, but with ease of access and convenience in mind.

For a 'golden' user experience, digital services need GIS

by • 1 year ago

NSGIC President Karen Rogers says GIS is not only essential for user experience, but it pervades nearly all data government touches.

How Colorado turned an idea into a real digital services agency

by • 1 year ago

Colorado Digital Service director Kelly Taylor reflects on the organization's first months and explains its "therapeutic" workforce-marketing strategy.

The Open Law Library is saving municipal code, one government at a time

by • 1 year ago

David Greisen demonstrates a singular passion for accuracy and law in his project to get more cities to publish their legal codes online.

Washington, Pennsylvania consider blockchain for identity management

by • 1 year ago

At the intersection of cybersecurity and citizen experience, IAM could be improved by blockchain, said two top technology officials.

Colorado names first digital transformation officer

by • 4 years ago

A new role prioritizes user experience for citizens using Colorado state services.