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Sidewalk Labs pilots AI-powered recycling system

by • 3 months ago

AI-powered cameras to detect what people are recycling and detailed reports sent back to tenants are hoped to encourage more responsible waste management.

Waterfront Toronto won't sell user data, new planning document says

by • 5 months ago

Google sibling Sidewalk Labs has provided more detail on data storage and collection and technology integration for its Quayside neighborhood project in Toronto.

Sidewalk Labs, Waterfront Toronto meet to decide future of project

by • 5 months ago

Whether Toronto's controversial Quayside project will continue will be settled in a meeting between city stakeholders and Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs on Thursday.

Sidewalk Labs releases master plan for Quayside project in Toronto

by • 9 months ago

The urban technology subsidiary of Google parent Alphabet released a four-volume, 1,500-page master plan detailing its intentions for a brand-new neighborhood.

Toronto planned-neighborhood Quayside to undergo comprehensive review

by • 10 months ago

A unanimous vote by the city's executive committee affirmed a recommended review of Sidewalk Labs' master plan, which is slated for release later this month.

Sidewalk Labs claims its Toronto 'smart neighborhood' will create more than 9,000 jobs

by • 1 year ago

Google's urban-innovation offshoot also said 40 percent of residential units in its Quayside development will be priced at below-market rates, but a housing expert said that won't solve Toronto's housing problems.

Sidewalk Labs proposes third-party data storage for Quayside project

by • 1 year ago

The technology partner for the smart city project has been quiet on data storage and privacy issues in the past.

Following CEO's resignation, Toronto development group pushes forward on Alphabet's smart city project

by • 2 years ago

The group released an updated development plan earlier this week that reveals a much smaller development area than what was originally sought.

Building a smart city from scratch is as hard as it sounds

by • 2 years ago

Groundbreaking developments near Toronto, Boston and Phoenix are revealing early challenges around data privacy, social stewardship, and understanding the intangible qualities that entice people to move to a new city.