Miami commissioners claim 'basic' understanding of MiamiCoin

by • 3 months ago

Miami is spending millions on a new rental assistance program, but the funding source, MiamiCoin, is only vaguely understood by city leaders.

Miami's tech 'concierge' says he's leaving CIO role

by • 4 months ago

Sarasti, a vocal enthusiast of cryptocurrency in city government, said he'll "still be supporting" Mayor Francis Suarez's tech agenda.

New accelerator promises to help 'crypto cities' move faster

by • 5 months ago

CityCoins and STX plan to launched an accelerator designed to help companies build blockchain-based civic technology applications.

Another city cryptocurrency? Austin could be next

by • 6 months ago

Austin, Texas, could become the third city with its own cryptocurrency, but officials there said they're still researching the technology.

Flush with cryptocurrency, Miami wants to give every resident some bitcoin

by • 6 months ago

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said the city will partner with cryptocurrency exchanges to provide residents with digital wallets.

Miami's crypto 'concierge' explains why he's taking his paycheck in bitcoin

by • 7 months ago

Miami's chief information officer said he signed up for cryptocurrency payments to avoid continuing "to live in the current paradigm.”

Philadelphia unveils 'Blockchain for City Government' project

by • 7 months ago

Philadelphia CIO Mark Wheeler said the city is calling for blockchain and cryptocurrency experts to share their ideas for local government applications of the technologies.

Miami's latest tech trend is AI-powered waste removal

by • 8 months ago

Miami will test AI-powered cameras in its municipally owned dumpsters over the next two months in hopes of reducing carbon emissions.

Cities aren't quite ready for blockchain, CIOs say

by • 8 months ago

Technology officials say they're interested in distributed-ledger technology, but that they have a few questions before their cities start investing.