Louisville, Ky., hires first-ever 'director of innovation'

by • 7 months ago

Eric Burnette, a former senior policy adviser with Louisville's economic development arm, said he's targeting grant funding in the new role.

Connectivity is still the 'building block' for IT modernization

by • 11 months ago

Local IT officials said that without basic internet connectivity, efforts to modernize fancy new technologies won't realize their full benefit.

How a rapid move to remote work refined cyber in local government

by • 2 years ago

Winners of the cybersecurity award in the 2020 LocalSmart Awards said the pandemic shifted the way they approach cybersecurity.

Crowdsourced environment data gets a home on Louisville Data Commons

by • 3 years ago

A city-university partnership gives community members and researchers a new place to host data on the environmental and public health.

Google to pay Louisville, Ky., $3.84 million to cover Fiber pullout

by • 3 years ago

The company announced in February that it would be ending its high-speed internet service after not placing its cables deep enough underground.

Louisville, Ky., loses Google Fiber after company placed lines too shallow

by • 4 years ago

Google said it will end service in Louisville on April 15, though the city says it has other options, including a growing municipal fiber network.

Louisville CIO makes a quiet departure

by • 5 years ago

After three years with the Kentucky city, Jason Ballard disappears from its technology leadership team.

Citizen engagement and collaboration critical to developing smart cities, tech officials say

by • 6 years ago

Tech officials in three large U.S. cities say they are encountering more engaged citizens for their smart cities projects, despite potential citizen concerns around privacy.

Nonprofit hands out grants to boost digital civic engagement in three cities

by • 6 years ago

Next Century Cities is hoping the infusion of funding helps Austin, Louisville and Raleigh better engage their residents with internet-enabled tools.