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For a 'golden' user experience, digital services need GIS

by • 6 days ago

NSGIC President Karen Rogers says GIS is not only essential for user experience, but it pervades nearly all data government touches.

Geospatial data-sharing effort needs shared strategy for success

by • 5 months ago

The National Spatial Data Infrastructure is celebrating its 25th anniversary — but it remains an unrealized vision of geospatial data sharing.

As census deadline looms, GIS leaders seek elections systems upgrades

by • 9 months ago

Election officials can make sure "our democracy functions as it should" by using geospatial technology, experts say on the GIS Addressed podcast.

GIS leaders increase focus on cyber, artificial intelligence in 2019

by • 10 months ago

On the Season 2 premiere of GIS Addressed, NSGIC's Dan Ross says geospatial leaders are upping their attention on security and how AI will change their roles.

Still 'lack of belief' in GIS among emergency management leaders

by • 1 year ago

On GIS Addressed, former Florida emergency management CIO Richard Butgereit says GIS is still underused and underfunded in disaster response.

State GIS leaders look for collaboration with tribal governments

by • 1 year ago

On GIS Addressed, New Mexico's Gar Clarke says collaboration between tribal government and state government GIS is a growing priority.

How transportation data can push autonomous vehicle deployment

by • 1 year ago

On GIS Addressed, Minnesota's GIO says all the existing elements of transportation data will be key to the eventual integration of fully autonomous vehicles.

As need for elevation data grows, GIS experts hope for GPS-like boom

by • 1 year ago

On GIS Addressed, three state government geospatial leaders say 3D elevation data could have a transformational impact on government and citizens.

To help government, GIS leaders must understand business goals

by • 1 year ago

In this GIS Addressed podcast, two GIS experts encourage working closely with agencies, acting as an interpreter between the worlds of business and technology.