David Ige

Consolidation, new data roles could transform IT in Hawaii

by • 4 months ago

Legislation to advance IT consolidation and the state's use of data could mean a big leap for IT in Hawaii as the governor's term winds down.

Hawaii’s COVID-19 ‘health pass’ still isn’t ready

by • 11 months ago

Earlier estimates targeted a summer launch, but officials said they still don't know when the tool might be ready.

Hawaii could have a vaccine passport by summer, officials say

by • 1 year ago

Hawaii state officials said they're piloting technology developed by Clear and CommonPass that's been in development since October.

Hawaii governor vetoes location-data privacy bill

by • 3 years ago

Telecommunications companies with customers in the Aloha State may continue selling their location data to third parties, unfettered by state regulation.

Hawaii names former state comptroller as new CIO

by • 4 years ago

Gov. David Ige nominated Douglas Murdock, who previously served his administration as the state's top financial officer.

Hawaii's 'ballistic missile' false alarm reveals technical and administrative flaws

by • 4 years ago

Both the state's systems and processes are now under review.

Hawaii tax director abruptly resigns amid struggling $60 million system modernization

by • 5 years ago

Maria Zielinski left after claims that her department was covering up an outside consultant's negative findings.

Hawaii Office of Planning launches statewide GIS portal with new data sets

by • 5 years ago

The new website provides access to hundreds of data layers, maps and features to enable developers to utilize the Aloha State’s open data.

Elections, retirements bring in new state CIOs in 2015

by • 7 years ago

In a tumultuous year for state information technology, more than 20 states welcomed new CIOs due to changes from elections, retirements or resignations.