Microsoft, Chicago team up to provide digital skills training

by • 3 weeks ago

The company says free digital-skills training will reach more than 300,000 Chicagoans looking to boost their digital literacy or switch career paths.

Chicago installed 30 new self-service payment kiosks

by • 2 months ago

The city now claims 74 kiosks that allow residents to pay bills around the clock.

Chicago postpones police-misconduct database, citing cost concerns

by • 6 months ago

Proponents of a new database said it would lend the city transparency and credibility, but others — including Mayor Lori Lightfoot — questioned the cost.

How data guided Illinois' COVID-19 vaccine awareness campaign

by • 8 months ago

Civis Analytics helped Illinois identify which messages will be the most effective at convincing "the movable middle" to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Chicago's environmental sensor network is getting an upgrade

by • 9 months ago

City officials behind the 130-device "Array of Things" plan to greatly expand the capabilities of the mesh network.

Chicago, Denver voted to take broadband 'seriously' on Tuesday

by • 12 months ago

Voters in the two cities approved referendums that could encourage the creation of municipally owned broadband networks.

Chicago Police launches new data program to identify stressed out cops

by • 1 year ago

The department announced a new project that uses data to monitor the mental health of police officers.

Underserved students in four cities are about to get free Wi-Fi

by • 1 year ago

The consulting group Ignite Cities is helping to provide Wi-Fi access in neighborhoods in Chicago, New Orleans, Miami and Columbia, South Carolina, to support distance learning during the pandemic.

Tech upgrades could save Chicago millions, a working group found

by • 1 year ago

One estimate shows savings of more than $225 million if the city government moves its legacy IT systems to cloud-based storage and management systems.