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Digital service delivery, public safety tools finalists in 'Engaged Cities' awards

by • 4 weeks ago

Ten finalist cities will compete for three shares of a $200,000 cash prize for work with the public that makes a positive difference in their communities.

Chicago Police's 'gang database' is disorganized and inaccurate, report finds

by • 3 months ago

A report by the city's inspector general finds the Chicago Police Department uses disorganized, outdated and inaccurate information to track gang activity.

Chicago Chief Data Officer Tom Schenk steps down

by • 1 year ago

Schenk oversaw a city data division that encouraged open data use, built tools to automate government functions, and helped nurture a sidewalk-level network of Internet of Things devices.

Bill allowing police drones to watch parties almost passes in Illinois

by • 1 year ago

The state assembly narrowly failed to pass a bill that would have permitted unprecedented use of drones over both public and private gatherings.

State searches for $1.2 billion to fund Chicago innovation center

by • 2 years ago

Though it has strong political support, the first facility to serve in a planned network of Illinois innovation centers still seeks firm financial backing.

New research reveals which cities can benefit most from IoT

by • 2 years ago

Boston, Chicago and Atlanta top a list of 50 cities expected to make the most of emerging smart city and Internet of Things technologies.

Assembling the open government puzzle

by • 2 years ago

Transparency efforts are becoming more sophisticated. But everywhere you look, something is missing.

Chicago prepares to shield immigrant data with municipal ID program

by • 2 years ago

Undeterred by threats from the Justice Department, Chicago is soliciting vendors for a municipal ID system, an approach some sanctuary cities have used to provide resources to undocumented residents.

Fragmented but not broken: America's smart cities bind together

by • 2 years ago

A disjointed marketplace and immature regulatory environment make the technologist's pursuit of a futuristic smart city complicated, but leadership from the nation's top smart cities and organizations is forging a path forward.