A Twitter bot is trying to fix D.C.'s parking problems

by Ryan Johnston • 11 hours ago

The Washington, D.C. license plate lookup tool is seeing early success on Twitter. Now its creators want to develop it into a fully fledged mobile app.

Autonomous taxis are coming to San Jose

by Jared Beinart • 2 months ago

Through a new partnership, officials are now developing an app that will allow select members of the public to hail a self-driving vehicle.

Scooter company Bird wants to offer data to the cities that host its fleets

by Benjamin Freed • 5 months ago

The new "GovTech" platform will provide transportation planners with trip data and allow cities to set limits on when and where scooters can be used.

On autonomous vehicles' challenges and benefits, a new report guides governors forward

by Colin Wood • 7 months ago

The National Governors Association highlights major safety and policy challenges while warning against "stifling innovation."

Autonomous vehicles projected to make traffic worse some places, better in others

by Mark Satter • 7 months ago

By encouraging ride-sharing services over from public transit, autonomous vehicles were found by researchers to generate various changes in traffic congestion in different regions.

Scooters, Ubers and beyond: A new group wants to explore how transportation options fit together

by Colin Wood • 7 months ago

As ride-hailing services grow and autonomous vehicles approach the market, a working group forms to research how new technologies are influencing the transportation ecosystem.

15 cities — and one state — honored in IDC smart city awards

by Michelai A. Graham • 10 months ago

Categories include civic engagement, digital equity, urban planning, sustainable infrastructure and others.

Public transit agencies may start selling tickets through Uber

by Benjamin Freed • 10 months ago

Uber is partnering with mobile-ticketing company Masabi to sell rail and bus passes through its popular ride-hailing app. It also says it's expanding how much data it shares with cities.

California may soon allow free test rides in unmanned autonomous vehicles

by Colin Wood • 10 months ago

A recent proposal by the state's public utility regulator would permit companies to conduct tests using volunteers.

Meet the guy paying for West Virginia to run an election on blockchain

by Benjamin Freed • 10 months ago

Venture capitalist Bradley Tusk says it'll help "save democracy." But an expert on voting systems says it raises a slew of questions about ballot integrity.

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